Psst… I’m over there!

July 26, 2012·

[i know you’ve seen this before… but you know, i’m bringing it back]

You guys, pssst… I’m guest posting over at my girl Christine from A Midwest Collegiate’s blog today! You should go check it out. 🙂 Christine is super sweet and has the most adorable preppy style.

In case you’re curious, I’m over there talking about my {attempts} at being preppy. Or… really I guess you could say I talk about what it means to be preppy in the south. Or something? Sometimes I just talk and I don’t know what words are coming out of my mouth. Like right now.

ALSO, in case you were interested in Shopping my Closet for Kenya, there are items BACK in my closet! WOOP!

Okay, I’m going now.

Let’s, together, zipadeedoodah right over to Christine’s blog.

Happy Thursday, y’all! TOMORROW IS FRIDAY! And don’t worry… I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled bits and antics tomorrow. 🙂