Oh Hai, Friday!

August 3, 2012·

You guys, Happy Friday! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen some of these… but hey! It’s fun to relive the moments of the week!

  1. I love Mason Jars. And I love Diet Coke. Together? PERFECTION, my friends.
  2. So, my Chi flat iron broke about a year ago… and I have missed it so much ever since. So I saved up and finally bit the bullet and replaced it. AND I got a pink one! YAY FOR NO MORE FRIZZY HAIR! (Also, the CHI is on SALE right now for $100. Still not cheap but at least it’s not $150!)
  3. Kisses for mommy from my furry babies.
  4. Tater came inside with her face covered in dirt… I think she was up to something in our backyard… I’m just saying. She’s so good at playing the pity card, though.
  5. Last night, I had dinner with and finally met up with Brooke of What2Wear and Mia of Ms. Mia Maree! LOVEEEEE these two amazing women & bloggers! Seriously. SO excited about some ideas we’re cooking up!

On a separate, side note… thank you. thank you. thank you. to ALL of you for all of your amazing comments, emails, and messages about my post yesterday. I never, in a million years, could have anticipated the response that I got. I’m seriously blown away. Please, continue to send me your questions! And I’m doing my best to respond to ALL of your emails and comments ASAP… I PROMISE I will reply!

Also, I launched a “Money” section of the blog that is going to house my financial series (that SO MANY of you requested!) More info to come…

But seriously, know that I feel SO blessed and humbled by all of you. Thank you.

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