High Five for Cine-Friday!

August 31, 2012·

You guys, I usually do high five for insta-friday on, well, Fridays. You know, today.

But today, I’m doing things a little differently. I’m sharing my new favorite app with you that I totally want you guys to go download (like, RIGHT NOW) and join.

What is this app, exactly? CINEMAGRAM! Cinemagram is like Instagram… but with VIDEO! You make animated gifs with short video clips and then you can select what parts of the video you want to animate and then add vintage-y looking filters to them.

YES. I love it!

I am on Cinemagram. Come join Cinemagram and be my friend! 🙂

I am still learning my way around and trying to figure out exactly how it works and what works best, but it is SO FUN to play with.

Here are my five favorite ‘Cines’ that I’ve done recently (yeah, most of them involve our dogs):

1. Audrey cleaning herself while Tater does nothing… hahaha

2. Audrey cleaning Tater…

3. Tater cleaning John…

4. This is what Tater does when she thinks you’re going to take her for a walk…

5. …aaaaaaand just a creepy Cinemagram of me dancing. You’re welcome in advance for the nightmares.
Yes, so I LOVE Cinemagram. Go download it. Be my friend.

Are you on Cinemagram? Any awesome apps you’ve found recently that you love? Leave me ideas in the comments below!

Happy Friday, y’all! WOOP!

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*This post is not sponsored by cinemagram or anything like that. I found the app through sheer boredom and fell in app lurve. But not many people use the app, so I want friends to create cines so I can stalk look at them. Just saying.