Morreen. Moryn. Maury. Moren.

September 27, 2012·












You guys, the power went out at our hotel for a bit last night, and after getting back late, I just wasn’t able to post.

I will be sure to update you more about our last official day in the village, but I wanted to at least share some of my favorite photos from the day.

It was a long, busy, and awesome day… but we were exhausted at the end of it.

You’re also probably wondering what the title of this post means. Well, those are the different ways the kids pronounce and spell my name. For some reason, Molly is impossible for them to pronounce and spell.


Yesterday started off on a bit of a low note. Our Kenyan leader Muchai told us that during the night, thieves had broken into the primary school, stolen some books, and had beaten the night watchman David very badly. David is in the hospital now and we are praying very hard for him. Muchai and the Kiria Leadership Council believe that the thieves were actually after the chain link that the villagers are using to erect the fence around the school. Chain link material is very expensive in Kenya and they believe that was their motives. However, after being unable to locate the chain link, they tied and beat up the watchman and stole books.

We are praying for the thieves – and that the police will catch them and that justice will be served. We are also praying for David and that he is able to fully recover from his injuries.

It was kind of a big shock to everyone.

After talking with Muchai we headed to the village for our last day. It was so much fun and honestly our best day in the village. We had a great time with the kids and the women. We played and we painted the women’s nails – it was just such an amazing day.

Also, yesterday was my amazing husband’s birthday. We celebrated with cake at the lodge and the Kenyans even sang him happy birthday. 🙂

We are actually heading out this morning to see nearby Lake Naivasha and then heading Lake Nakuru for a safari. I will definitely post more updates later – I’m still gathering my thoughts and I’m struggling with some mixed emotions and mixed feelings.

I just want to thank all of you again for all of your prayers and encouragement of me and my team while we are here. It means more than I think many of you will ever understand.

More later. 🙂