1. This looks really good! I make a similar tator tot casserole but I’ll have to try this one. I wonder if these casseroles would taste good with sweet potato tots…

  2. This sounds dangerous (and really yummy). Must try this! PS – I love your instructions on cooking the garlic and onion “saute til the room smells good” hahaha!


  3. in minnesota, we just call this “tater tot hot dish” and i love it. chris and i have an argument on exactly how to make it. his grandma always added a can of alphabet soup to hers. so sometimes i give in and add that just for him!

  4. This looks amazing! It’s kind of a version of Tater Tot Casserole that I make. Instead of corn, we use green beans and it is just good comfort food. You are right, you definitely need to take a walk to burn off all that delicious goodness though, lol! Heather

  5. The Duggar’s make this all the time and call it “tater tot casserole”. I’d call it “redneck casserole”. Who cares what you call it? Amazing artery clogging goodness!

  6. i think adam would love this. and then he would die tens years prematurely, haha. might just have to splurge sometime and try it out…

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