Casual Saturday Fashion | Stripes + Safari Pants

October 6, 2012·

I was needing some fashion inspiration this week. As most of you know, I’ve been in a funk this week and it was starting to creep into my outfits and I was NOT having it. Then I saw this outfit, and I knew I had enough pieces already in my closet to recreate it!

AND it was an excuse to bust out my “Kenya” pants as I like to call them. (These are the pants I wear 90% of the time when I’m in Kenya. They’re good “work / safari” pants cause they can get dirty, deflect water, and they’re lightweight).

I’ve never actually worn them outside of Kenya, and I don’t hate them. I need to find different shoes to wear with them, or maybe I’ll roll the bottoms next time, but regardless, I didn’t hate them.

I also don’t hate this clutch. In fact, I AM OBSESSED with it. I got a deal for it a couple weeks ago on Facebook and it finally came in this week and I was SO excited. Seriously. The quality is amazing and the monogramming is PERFECT.

AND, it’s one of the first things I have with my married monogram on it!!

This is also the first time that I realized that my monogram MBS, is the reverse of my blog monogram… SBM. BOOM! I know none of you probably care about that… but I thought it was a fun detail.

[Blazer: Marshall’s (very similar) | Pants: OP (similar) | Clutch: Pink Azalea]

Anywho. Happy Saturday, y’all.