What Do Blouses & William H. Macy Have In Common? (and a giveaway!)

October 10, 2012·

Absolutely nothing. They have nothing in common… blouses and William H. Macy, that is. Well, they could have something in common unbeknownst to me, but for the purposes of this exercise, they have nothing in common.


Onward and upward to today’s outfit. (And a giveaway!)

[Clutch: c/o The Pleated Poppy | Blouse: Fab’rik Chapel Hill (similar) | Jacket: Nanette Lepore (old, similar on sale!) | Skirt: LOFT (old, similar) | Boots: Cervone (old, similar) | Necklaces: c/o Stella & Dot and Fab’rik Chapel Hill | Bracelets: InPink 1, 2 & JCrew | Sunnies: Target]

I’m always looking for ways to incorporate bright colors into fall and winter outfits. I’ve discussed this idea before… because frankly, why is it that when the weather turns colder, all of a sudden everyone thinks you can only wear black or navy?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against black or navy, but come on, people. It’s 2012. Wear what you want. And if you want to wear a bright color and it’s 40 degrees (40 Fahrenheit or 4.444 degrees Celsius for you metric system peeps) outside, so be it.

C’est la vie! Carpe diem! #YOLO! Right? Right.

So, for yesterday’s cold and dreary day part deux, I rocked my fave yellow OVI blouse and my new clutch from The Pleated Poppy, which by the way I LOVE. I have loved Lindsey’s blog forev’s and LOVE all the stuff in her shop, so I was pumped when she sent this beaut over to me. It is everything I love about a good clutch and, thus, I will be using it ALL fall. And winter. And spring. And summer. Because it’s bright. And roomy. And practical. And awesome.

Take that, S.A.D.

Also, because Lindsey is even more awesome than I already thought she was, she’s offering still being [molly] readers a pretty sweet giveaway! Check it out below.

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