High Five for Casual Insta-Friday!

October 12, 2012·

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Happy Friday, y’all! I love Fridays for many reasons, but one reason I really love them is because it’s time to recap moments of the week.

For me, it’s not just sharing some Instagram photos I posted this week, it’s a way for me to continue to use this blog as a journal of my life. I love looking back at old Friday posts and seeing what was going on at that time and whatnot.

My virtual life scrapbook, if you will.

Anywho, that’s neither here nor there. Let’s get to it.

1. I had lunch with my friend (who also happens to be an amazing mom AND fellow fashion blogger!) Brooke this week! I seriously love this girl. It was so refreshing to get the time to catch up and talk vision and life goals and outfits.

…we also MAY or may not have both been wearing leather skirts and tights, too. Totally unplanned. Hilarious.

2. This dog? Really? When she does this, she can get away with almost anything. Can’t handle her cuteness.

3. Stopped in to World Market to peruse the racks the other day. WHY? Why do I love everything in that store? This chair? I WANT. I LOVE!

4. Woke up Wednesday with a pretty wicked migraine. So, I rocked some sunglasses, a scarf, and my Kenya Airways blanket to work. It was snazzy.

Also, in keeping it real, this is my migraine remedy: a 32oz. fountain Diet Coke from Cruizers and some powdered donettes. Don’t judge me.

5. The International Space Station flew across the Carolina sky last night! This may not be the world’s most high-res image of it, but I was excited to see it! It moved like a plane, but looked like a shooting star. It was pretty awesome.

What did YOU do this week? Got any awesome weekend plans? Happy Friday, y’all!

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