1. I agree. This is a lovely fall uniform. Unfortunately for me, blazers tend to make me look like a line-backer. Perhaps I haven’t found the right one (although I do have one blazer in my closet that looks pretty good so I guess that’s a start.) But I LOVE this look! Well done.

  2. Hey, Molly! I ran across your blog from a link you posted to LOFT’s FB page. I L-O-V-E your tweed jacket! Your whole outfit is awesome & pretty much one of my fall staple looks as well. Please tell me that jacket is still available! (Fellow NC girl)

  3. Leopard does make you feel snazzy! I love it! Honestly, this is one of my favorites of your outfit posts. There is absolutely nothing I don’t like, and I am obsessed with your jacket!

  4. oh my GOSH molly! This is my favoritest outfits of all favorite outfits. I NEED a blazer with bows on it like that, and I look forward to being able to buy shoes again without worrying about packing!

  5. I love the pearls with this outfit. Simple and classic! Now you have me questioning why I don’t own any!! 🙂

  6. I knew I was going to love this outfit as soon as I saw it on my Facebook feed last night and I was right! I think it’s the perfect fall uniform. You look so absolutely put together and elegant!

  7. Molly, can I just tell you how much I adore this outfit? How cute is that blazer?! And I love the belt on top! And the leopard flats! All of it!! Absolutely stunning and chic.

  8. Totally my fall uniform, too! No fall outfit is complete without a blazer and I’m obsessed with the one you’re wearing. I’m also tots jealous of your loafers, I scoured my local Target for those in my size and couldn’t find any. The search continues!


  9. Such a super chic classic look… I have yet put a belt over a jacket or blazer but I need to try it after seeing your chic look.

  10. I love this outfit. Simple and beautiful. I have been so in love with that blazer since you posted the Insta. I just love little details like those bows.

  11. Absolutely love this chic, classic look on you Molly! This is probably one of my favorite outfits you’ve posted! 🙂 That blazer is so adorable, and I love the classic menswear pieces combined with jeans for a more casual vibe!

  12. 1) I know I may be late in telling you this, but I LOVELOVELOVE your new blog design Molly! So perfect!
    2) This is my favorite outfit of yours ever. I mean it.
    3) What great photos! I love the butt shot 🙂

    XO – Marion

  13. Stop it, Molly Stillman. Just stop it. This is way.Too.PERFECT!!! Oh my word, Girl, you look amazing. The blazer is darling and I love how you styled it with the belt. I hope you feel as incredible as you look. Mwah!! ~Sarah

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