1. Love your look with the Chuck Taylor’s. They’re fun, and you’re right. Fashion totally is about your own style. PS you totally inspired me with this post to go outside and take photos with my new tripod. I was going to do it “later” (ie not get it done), but I did it! And now I have pictures for a What I Wore Wednesday post! Thanks Molly!!

  2. What a cute and sparkly outfit for such a fun event! I wish the Seattle style bloggers got together a bit more often, it seems to be a very busy bunch of ladies. So glad you had fun. You win the prize today for having the BEST facial expressions of any post I’ve read!!! ~Sarah

  3. Girl! I think you look amazing and totally YOU! I think being able to wear things that are at the same time comfortable, cute and chic is part of what makes fashion fun. Isn’t that the whole point of personal style? To be yourself? 😉

  4. You go, girl!!! Where those Chucks all you want! I think it looks genius and so fun! High five for winning the claw game…I never win anything either! Wish I lived closer to be a Tri FABB! 😉

  5. love the skirt with the chucks! i wish we had sweet blog meetups in michigan….kinda jealous!

    just found your bloghop im excited to be a part of it!!

  6. Looks like so much fun! And I love your outfit. Very unexpected but so cool. I totally think that’s what style is all about…making it your own. Next thing we see on the runways will be chucks and sequins!

  7. Ok, you officially look cute in anything, any time! I love your sequin skirt, the fact that you are wearing Chucks, and your cute/hilarious pictures! I’m sad I missed this event, but I’m gonna try my very best to stop that!

  8. lol so cute – you are just adorable – love the pic of you jumping – and also, yes, the converse are perfect with your outif – they are fun which reflects your personality alot.

  9. You won a claw game?! That NEVER happens… you are officially my hero. Also, the chucks paired with the sequins? So unexpected and fun. Kinda reminds me of something Kristen Stewart would wear, and I think she has such cute style 🙂

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