1. You gorgeous girl – I love this whole look, and I’m happy that you call it aztec print too… I never knew if that was PC when I used it on my blog 🙂

    Also – I feel like owning up to mistakes/shortcomings is something that comes with age (can we call it wisdom yet!?)
    In my teens, it was all about fitting in, and hiding anything that would make me be seen as different. In college, I realized that my shortcomings were what made me me… and while they had taken me through some tough times in life, the journey that I have been on … is me, and it is mine, and it makes me feel pretty good that I am where I am now

    1. hahaha i didn’t even think that Aztec wouldn’t be PC – it’s just a style of print! 🙂 🙂 hehe

      and yes – i prefer the term wisdom for sure!! that’s so great that you’ve realized those things make you who you are as you age!

  2. I’m a sad sack – I’d rather hide my mistake if I could. But only if it’s something trivial – if I mess something up big time or at work, I totally own up to it. But we’re all still maturing and growing into ourselves, aren’t we?

  3. sometimes with chris it’s a little harder to admit my mistakes, but that just stems from my stubbornness (and the fact that i always think i’m right)…but i usually am the first to admit when i screw up!

  4. I love how genuine and open you are in your posts. Being honest with yourself is the best way to be honest with others. If you can accept truth, then you can also reveal truth. Good for you! =)
    Great look too btw. I love the top!

  5. Admitting personal mistakes can be so difficult for some people. I’m a pretty open person, so I don’t have a hard time with it, but I definitely see it in so many other people. Good for you Molly!!

    You look fabulous in this outfit! It’s so comfy looking, yet so chic!

    xo Jenny

  6. I really appreciated this post today. I’ve been feeling kind of the same way. Sometimes the hardest thing to is find out you’re wrong and then own up to it.

  7. I honestly am appreciative of the mistakes I’ve made in the past, and I’m sure will continue to make as I grow up. If you never make mistakes (or worse, never admit to your mistakes), then you’ll never really learn or grow!

    The Glossy Life

  8. Just found your blog and spent waaay to much time looking at all your old posts. You are one cute, stylish, adorable, encouraging woman! You’ve got a new follower! And I am absolutely loving your outfit today. If only a skirt was practical for chasing a 9 month around all day…

  9. Admitting your mistakes is a huge sign of maturity. It’s never easy but I have found the it brings clarity to life in so many ways. For me, it personally helps me move on from those mistakes but equally important is that it has shown me who is really important and accepting and open and kind in my life. As i get older, I find it harder and harder to find good true friends, I know who I can really talk to and those are the ladies I keep close. The friends and family that you can share your mistakes with and the ones who help you through them, they are the people you keep close. Happy Monday Beautiful!!
    ps- love your outfit!!

    1. oh girl PREACH!! so true. as i’ve gotten older my friend circle has certainly done it’s share of shrinking… but i have to say i’m okay with that – because they’re people that LOVE me for me! you know?! love it. thanks, simone!

  10. Hi Molly! First, I have to say that you look adorable in shades of red and burgundy! And I love that top, the print is really cute! I know the feeling of not wanting to recognize your mistakes because you feel like a total failure. It’s difficult at time when you know that so many people are looking up to you. But as you said, years and maybe some ‘maturity’ have shown me that failure is what makes you human and what’s really important is not how many times you failed, but how many times you recognize your mistakes and are willing to correct them. Reading your debt’s story was really inspiring, thanks for sharing it.


  11. Happy Monday! These photos are stunning and you look adorable as always Molly. I definitely used to be the same way, I think it’s hard to admit you’ve made a mistake or have failed in some way, but now that I’m older I’ve learned to accept that I’m not perfect and that mistakes are bound to happen. I can’t change my past or the mistakes that I’ve made, but I CAN learn from them. Great post.


  12. Happy Monday Molly! 🙂 Another beautiful outfit, I am loving your tribal print going on! And I tend to be the same way. I hate admitting that I have done something wrong, but being truthful with yourself and others on your mistakes can really take a lot of pressure off! That’s what I’ve learned along the way anyway 🙂

  13. Molly, I just finished reading your letter to 14 year old self and have definitely smeared my mascara from tears. It is so beautifully written and I thank you for sharing that with us 🙂

  14. Hi Molly! Love your blog – found it by way of Ruthy Ann at Discovery Street for YOLO Mondays. 🙂

    Sometimes – most of the time – I feel like I share way too much of my mistakes with people, in hopes that they will learn something from my experiences. I should probably find a balance between the two extremes. 🙂 Before I met my husband, I was fairly guarded about a lot. The first time we hung out, he basically laid everything out there to me. And I liked that. I appreciated that. It showed me that he was real and honest. I had no doubt he would be an awesome husband after that conversation. It shows a new depth of relationship and trust when you share your mistakes with another person. P.S. LOVE that outfit!! Excited to follow your blog!

    1. ah yay whitney! thank you so much for stopping by and thank you for reading and following! YOU. ARE. AWESOME!!

      with regards to your comment – oh girl i feel you. there definitely has to be a balance for sure! being TOO open can be a little too much – i was definitely more guarded before i met my husband and he learned how to drag stuff out of me!

  15. I am all about admitting mistakes … I feel like when I let things fester I just feel worse about them, and it’s so LIBERATING to just admit them. Love this post!

    Also I really love this look on you – that tribal print top is SO cute!

    Sea and Swank

  16. You are adorable in this outfit, I LOVE that top. I usually don’t hide these things from the people closest to me, like my husband. I tell him everything. The only thing that I cannot bring myself to admit to him is when I am wrong in an argument, haha. But we all know, that the wife is ALWAYS right… RIGHT!? 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  17. admitting your mistakes is surely not an esasy thing to do, but when you do, the feeling that you get, its huge!! and its a great big sign of maturity – so I am so quick now (not before) to admit when I am wrong – I dont care to be perfect – its something that we arent and will never be (yet) – so for now, I make mistakes and i admit them and i learn from them and keep it moving. 🙂 happy monday!

  18. I’m okay with admitting my failures and mistakes, especially to the people closest to me. Like you described, I think a lot it has to do with age and maturity!

  19. First of all…GRAND SLAM!!! Love this look and all the shots. You look FANTASTIC!!!

    And, I think that is part of growing up…admitting when you are wrong or made a mistake. And then trying to learn from it and grow from it. It’s part of life and how we evolve as a person….a better form of us! 🙂

  20. I absolutely am a hider when it comes to mistakes that only impact me. For example, rather than blog recently I’ve just been avoiding blogs all together so I don’t have to talk about how I won’t make my weight loss goal I set for myself this year. I think you hit the nail right on the head when you said it’s about being embarrassed. I feel like I tend to have a harder time admitting I’ve made a mistake when it’s a lesson I feel like I should have learned already – like with my weight loss. How many times have I said I would do better? And yet, here I am. But I’m working on forgiving myself first and then I’ll be ready to share my story with everyone, in the hopes that it will help someone else!

    1. oh girl PREACH! you are speaking right to me. i’m doing the same thing recently – and with weight loss, too! i’ve had it in my mind i was going to lose weight by the end of the year and here i am still gaining. and it’s frustrating. i love reading your blog and hearing you share because i feel like i relate to you in a lot of ways – but totally – the first step is to forgive yourself and then the second is to share. you’re on your way, girl!

  21. First of all…you look utterly DARLING in this outfit! Ah, to be young enough to wear such clothing…okay, really it is to be a size that would not make that look not so darling is really the goal for me. I think i *might* be able to pull that off at 47…but a size 16 just does not look the same. Accentuate the positive, right :0)?

    “admitting when I’m wrong, acknowledging my mistakes, and sharing my failures, is actually a sign of maturity and growth.”
    WOW! It is awesome that you are able to grasp this truth at an age where you will really be free to SEE the long term fruit of that choice! As a mom of 4 (ages 14,15,18,20) I know that if I was not able to admit my faults or short comings….heck even my failures—GULP!—then my standing with my kids would be a tad shallow. They know my fault anyway so if i tried to cover them up, they would see! Kids are quite perceptive that way!
    So kudos to your and your faults! God works through our mistakes to allow us to rely more on HIS grace working in our lives! Keep up the positive walk there Chickie Girl!! Have an awesome day!

    1. first, thank you so much, donna!! and girl – i’m a size 12 – not that far off from a 16 – it’s all about wearing what works for YOUR body! 🙂

      and second, thank you SO much for your honest and encouraging comment, Donna. i look up to women like YOU and you’re so right – His grace and mercy are what make our faults and our mistakes beautiful!

  22. In general, I’m a stubborn person. However, I always admit my mistakes and- for some reason- I’m not really ashamed of it. As I see it, if I can admit that I messed up and teach someone else how NOT to do the same, then it’s all worth it in the end!

  23. Love the outfit. Always so cute and fashionable.

    As far as mistakes, I have to say that I don’t really speak of them. I think this is in small part of not having the right people to speak of them to. I know that sounds terrible, but those in my regular circle seem to judge and I’m always a little embarrassed having to explain the situation and how the situation even came to play. The ones that don’t do that, usually try to sugarcoat it and try not to make them seem that bad and sometimes that just makes it worse I think.

    1. thank you so much, shawn!

      oh man that’s a tough situation to be in – i know there are definitely people i know that judge me – and there always will be – but i think the more you take that step to open up and share, the more you’ll find you’re not alone! and girl, if you ever need someone to talk to, you can always email me! i’ll listen!! 🙂

  24. I am in love with your top!!! and I agree! I think that sharing your heart and growing from it is definitely a sign of growing up and maturing. and a brave and wise thing too!

  25. So many of your posts speak to my heart girl!!! I love this post, and I am with you, the older I get the more I realize that admitting/sharing your mistakes and when you’re wrong has really been a sign of growth and maturity for me, and I just feel lighter.

    You are rockin’ that outfit, too! Awesome!

  26. I think it takes a big person to admit their mistakes or to talk about their feelings. I haven’t had a hard time admitting mistakes, but I am very guarded when it comes to talking about my feelings. The few times I have let myself be vulnerable on my blog and open up though, I’ve received so much support that it makes me feel like it’s ok to share, because no one is ever alone. I think it’s so great that you’ve been opening up more and by doing so, you’re also showing me that I’m not alone in my own struggles with money, growing up, etc. Thank you for that Molly! And PS, I can’t go without saying I love this outfit – and that bag!!!

    1. niki, thank you so much for your sweet and thoughtful comment – you are ALWAYS so encouraging! and you’re totally right – the more we open up the more we realize we aren’t alone. thank you!

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