1. I think your blog is doing an amazing job of being the change you wish to see in the world. I feel that from reading your blog I have grown even more comfortable in my own style. As a blogger it is easy to feel the pressure to be fab all the time. I often felt pressure to wear heels and expensive clothes. I feel like you have made normal chic. What I mean by that is that wardrobe seems so approachable, you have scarves and skirts that I would wear. I makes it that much easier to be inspired by your looks because they are things I could actually see myself in. So thanks for just being you. It makes me feel more comfortable to be me!

  2. Your blog does all of those things. It’s one of my favorite reads, especially since I dont really read fashion blogs, but I always either think or laugh or snortlaugh or do all of the above. <3

  3. I think, from what I can tell, you are definitely succeeding in what you want your blog to do. I laugh, I think, I smile, and I see who you were and who you have become (which sounds really cheesy so forgive me for that).

    I do have a blog, but it spends a lot of time untouched. I put it out there to make me laugh, think, and to introduce my thoughts and writings. I wanted something, but I’m not sure really what that is any more to be honest. I just want to make a positive impact on people’s lives and help them with that in which they struggle. It is hard to struggle alone and I don’t want people to feel that they are indeed alone.

    1. shawn thank you so much! your comments always encourage me so much!! i would LOVE to read your blog! you should leave a link sometime 🙂 🙂 and i think you are definitely achieving that! you make a positive impact on me!

  4. I swear, every time I see this leather skirt I fall more and more in love! Seriously. Also, I think your blog accomplishes what you stated and more. I know I always look forward to stopping by for the positivity and happiness that each post seems to exude. Kudos, Molly! xo

    The Glossy Life

  5. Hi Molly – I’ve been pondering this question a lot lately too. My faith is also very strong and I’ve had a lot of things not work out to lead me where I am today. I’m not sure what God is up to, but I trust Him. My blog was just a hobby, something frivolous and fun, something to entertain me and keep me from wearing yoga pants every day. But it’s evolving already in the two months that I’ve done it into a platform for helping women who do too much be accountable for taking care of themselves. I like that. And it’s come easier than anything I’ve ever done. God’s will is always better than mine. And while maybe I’m not making some huge impact on the world, I’m happy influencing in my little corner to make someone’s, anyone’s, life a little happier.

  6. Well I know you achieved everything you wanted to with this blog for me! And my one change would be to remind moms that they can still spend a little time on themselves because it totally pays off!
    Brooke @ what2wear

  7. You are so cute in this outfit Molly – the black and blue is really working here! Love it.

    I think about what the point of my blog is fairly often, and I think more than anything I just want it to provide inspiration in some way or another – inspire someone to try something new, to feel good from something unexpected, to go somewhere they hadn’t thought about, etc etc … love this question!

  8. Loved this post! Just starting out in the blogging world but I’m a huge traveler, reader, baker, crafter and lover of Jesus so I hope my blog can inspire others to seek out that wonderful relationship I have found 🙂 Definitely going to become a follower!

  9. Those sparkly shoes are pretty fabulous. Love this outfit! And I think that your blog pretty much does all the things you hope it would. You should be very proud of yourself Molly, you are beautiful inside and out! 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    1. kinda from all over – there’s a blog called “The Daily Post” where i get some of them – also BlogHer has some good ones, too. i totally pick and choose the ones i like or don’t like – but it’s been fun to get outside writing inspiration this month!

  10. Molly Stillman, I just want to let you know that YOU – not your blog, have impacted me and the other lucky individuals who have been blessed to be around you in every single way you listed. You are a gem, one in a million. And you’re absolutely beautiful, inside and out. Thank you for who you are.

  11. Love the color combo Molly!

    I think I’d just like for people to enjoy reading my blog. Hopefully at least one person can laugh, relate or learn something from it.

  12. what a fun outfit! I love those shoes! I really like the idea of writing down your goals for your blog. I love yours! and think that you accomplish them too! WIll have to think of some for me!

  13. Good Morning Molly. As always your posts are so inspirational. Your blog does make me feel good about myself. It makes me laugh, smile, think, reflect, feel beautiful & comfortable in my own skin. Your blog inspires me mentally and your outfits inspire me artistically and get my creative juices, flowing!! I told you from the very first comment I wrote to you how deep and inspirational you are. And on top of that: a great stylish dresser.

    Love the outfit. Blue & Black have never looked better. That skirt and those sparkly flats are soooooooo adorable. Also great necklace & bracelets/watch. I am pinning it for inspiration. <3 Ada.

  14. Love the cobalt and black. That leather skirt is just about my favorite thing. I can’t believe I am the first to reply. But I am browsing the Web as my son is pretty much freaking out. I just keep hoping he will fall asleep and he just keeps not falling asleep…so here I am. Great post. Sometimes I feel that what I blog about is so incredibly superficial. But I actually had a friend send me an email that let me know that it’s not always so. Through my blog I think she found her way back to her own style. She didn’t have a very good personal image and hated shopping. But then she used some of my outfits as inspiration while she was shopping and she found pieces that made her finally feel good about herself. In my book, that one win is all I needed to justify this. Sorry for the long response. Here’s to my son falling asleep…soon!

    1. thank you so much, lindsay!! 🙂 🙂 i don’t think what you blog about is superficial at all – i’m so glad you’ve been able to inspire a friend like that!! that’s so rewarding!! i hope your son got back to sleep 🙂

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