New haircuts, outfit sidekicks, and fun analogies!

November 27, 2012·

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[Leather Jacket: c/o Oasap (last seen here) | Blouse: OVI via Fab’rik Chapel Hill | Shorts: JCrew Factory | Glitter Flats: Target | Clutch: Clothes Hound | Bracelets: Stella & Dot, InPink | Panther Necklace: gift from my friend Brooke, others c/o Stella & Dot]

photos by the lovely Brooke Allen

Okay, so I was GOING to wait until all my long-hair outfit photos had been posted to post my fresh haircut outfit photos, but I got impatient. So I moved a few things around on the ol’ ‘editorial calendar’ if you will, and voila, I opted to share these early.

Yep! I cut my hair. I shared this news on Instagram and in a blog post last week, but now it’s like REALLY official. Or something.

I hadn’t cut my hair in like, honestly, five years. I mean. IT WAS LONG. Like, REALLY long. I cut 10 inches off on the sides and 12.5 inches off from the back. And yes, I donated it to Wigs for Kids!

For you Triangle people, I get my hurr did at Salon 135 in Chapel Hill. They are AMAZING. Jonathan cuts it and he is the bees knees.

It’s definitely going to take some getting used to, but so far I am loving it.

Things I love about my short hair so far:

  • Easier to “style”
  • WAYYYY quicker to blow dry
  • Less shampoo / conditioner used
  • My hair no longer gets caught in things like my jacket, zippers, my purse straps, car doors, or the dishwasher (yes, that happened)
  • My husband says my hair is no longer in his face when he’s trying to sleep
  • Other perks TBD

Things I miss about my long hair:

  • No more sock buns 🙁
  • No more messy buns (…yet)
  • No more putting my hair up at all, really
  • No more fake facial hair (yes, I used to pretend I had a beard or mustache with my long hair hahaha)
  • Other things I miss TBD

So far, so good.

Oh, and this outfit? Well, if my new haircut is Batman, my outfit is Robin. AH! I like that idea… analogies for my hair and outfit:

  • Haircut is Barack Obama, Outfit is Joe Biden
  • (in the interest of being politically fair) Haircut is Mitt Romney, Outfit is Paul Ryan (with better abs, athankyou)
  • Haircut is Peanut Butter, Outfit is Jelly
  • Haircut is Chips, Outfit is Salsa
  • Haircut is Laverne, Outfit is Shirley

You get the picture. Got other analogy ideas? That would be a fun game to play…

That was way too much rambling for one haircut / outfit photo post. But oh well. It’s what you come here for, right?

And yes, just to warn you, there will still be a few more outfits to post where I have long hair. It’ll be alright.