Two Days In A Row…

December 5, 2012·

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[Blouse: Everly via Fedora Boutique | Sequin Shorts: Express (similar) | Leather Jacket: c/o Oasap | Fold-over Clutch: c/o Glow Kouture (use code MOLLY30 for 30% off!)]

No, you’re not seeing things. Yes, I’m wearing this chevron blouse two days in a row. On the blog though… I didn’t wear it two days in a row in real life. Or maybe I did. You have no way of knowing, really.

Right? Right.

I mean, wearing something you like two days in a row isn’t bad. It’s thrifty! Or something.

Just a few random thoughts:

  1. Is this whole “Elf on a Shelf” thing amplified this year because of social media? I know it’s not a new tradition but I feel like I’m seeing Elves on Shelves left and right. No? We were discussing this at work yesterday and I agree – I’m being inundated with pictures of Elves on Shelves.
  2. Have you ever looked at a work for too long and thought it was spelled wrong? Like the word “Pizza” for example. I was staring at the word pizza for a minute and SWORE it was spelled wrong. Sometimes that even happens with my own name.
  3. I am curious as to the origin of some Christmas traditions. Like wreaths. Why did we start putting circular plants on doors? Inquiring minds want to know… Or even ornaments? Where’d those come from? No?
  4. Have you ever actually listened to the lyrics of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” That song is creepy. Like, that dude won’t just let her leave. She has to go! But he won’t let her. It sounds like the opening of a horror movie, if you ask me.

Just some thoughts.

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