1. I’ve thought Baby It’s Cold Outside was creepy for years. But if you’d like a more amusing version of the song, go check out She & Him’s version. Zooey Deschanel sings the traditionally male part and M Ward sings the gal’s part….it’s funny. 🙂

  2. Love the random thoughts!! and the chevron top is great. Sometimes life calls for a 2 in a row day and if it isn’t undies then no rules are being broken in my books!! Thanks for joining up with Wardrobe Wednesday again 🙂

  3. REALLY loving the new do!!! So sassy and sophisticated!!! I have been known to wear the same shirt two days in a row!! 😉 And now I want to know about the origin of wreaths too!! We have had our Elf on the Shelf for two years now…it’s the BEST thing…I wish I could keep him around allllll year long!!! LOL! Thanks a million for linking up!!

  4. Ha! Thank you! I’ve been convinced that that song was creepy for so long now and everyone just laughs at me! I’m glad to hear someone shares my opinoin! And um, I’ve worn things two days in a row before – like if I only wore something for a couple of hours the day before, and I’ll be somewhere totally different the next day, I might do that. TMI? Sorry 🙂

  5. I am the worse speller know to man. Thank goodness for iPhones autocorrect! I only get stuck when my phone or word dictionary has no idea what I’m going for and then it’s time for google! Lol. I feel your pain so bad! I have often wondered about Christmas traditions as well! I know that the tree comes from the “pagan” (I hate that this word has a negative connation) traditions and from what I’ve read so do circles I.e. the circle of life? Maybe… Am I going out on a limb? Hehe bad joke. Thanks for sharing!! Love the chevron!

  6. Hi! I just came across your website from a friend of mine and when I saw this post, my jaw just about dropped to the floor! The name of the blouse you’re wearing, Everly, is my daughter’s name. I instantly felt I HAD to have that blouse in honor of her!

    And I’ve always thought the lyrics to “Baby It’s Cold Outside” were kind of creepy too! It’s like that 80’s song… “Every move you make, every breathe you take… I’ll be watching you.” Can you say, STALKER?! 🙂

  7. Oh. My. Gosh. I was just listening to that song (Baby it’s Cold Outside) and had the same thought. ‘Yikes, dude, just let her go already!’ hahaha 😉
    I have to admit I have not gotten into the whole elf on the shelf thing. There are just so many Christmasy things to do that there sometimes isn’t room for one more. 🙂
    Love that blouse. (I am pretty sure I said that yesterday, too) 😉 You look adorable!

  8. The blouse is awesome….the sequined shorts are amazing! What a great look! I think the sequins make it a fabulous holiday party look! I would wear it! LOVE IT! 🙂

  9. I definitely have feedback for #4. Yes, it is totally a song about date rape…”Say, what’s in this drink?” I mean really. Still a great song though and it gets stuck in my head in the shower. Anywho, love this outfit on you. Chevron? Awesome. Tights with shorts? Awesome. Leather jackets? Awesome. That’s 3 awesomes for you. Well done!

    Sarah’s Real Life (and yes, as you see below, my post today even references that song! total coincidence)

  10. I’m glad I’m not the only one making these observations! ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’ is a bit much (unnerving) now, but I wonder if it was always that way? Speaking of unnerving things- those Elves on Shelves! I feel as if Dr. Seuss would have wrote a good book on those Elves, peering at us even if we do not have one in our own homes! And yes, I don’t know how many times I am forced to type a word or phrase into a search bar hoping that I will recognize the correct spelling! It’s one of those things that I find can make me laugh at myself whilst shaking my head. (Looking *at a word, should not be *at a work ;)) Maybe someday there will be a way for the jumbled meanings of the things we want to say to come out just the way we intended…. hmmm.

  11. I totally agree about Elf on the Shelf! I’ve had it for years (Mom bought it for us our first year of marriage…hint much?) But I do feel like all of a sudden its trending more than usual. Also – I think the same thing every time I hear that scandalous Christmas song!!! Naughty.

  12. You seriously rock shorts in cold weather like no one else. Love it. Also, I ALWAYS question the origin of traditions and no one ever has the answer for me. My husband just rolls his eyes and tells me to wikipedia it. Then I spend hours reading wikipedia. Oops did I just admit that on a public forum?

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  13. I wear things two days in a row…in real life. I just hope no one notices! And it’s funny that you bring up “Baby It’s Cold Outside”…it’s one of my favorite Christmas songs, but I was really listening to the lyrics the other day, and you’re right…the guy is kind of creepy. I mean girl wants to go–let her go!

    The Glossy Life

  14. If you wore it two days in a row in real life that’s okay. I do that all the time. But if anyone asks, I definitely don’t. Or at least I wash it first?

  15. I so love this outfit. Sequins on shorts? Amazing.
    And about “Baby It’s Cold Outside”: loooove the song, but you’re right it’s kiiinda creepy. My husband watches a show called Key & Peele on Comedy Central and they recently did a skit about it. You should check it out!

  16. Haha, I love it! I do this too… in real life FOR REAL! It is so easy to imagine other outfits when you are already wearing a certain piece! It just makes sense to me really 🙂 Cute look! Love the shorts and boots!

  17. I really love that jacket-it seems to go with everything flawlessly!
    As for the Elf-I don’t get it. I mean I get what he does but… I guess I’m just not feeling him. And I also find myself thinking words look funny after staring too long. Funny how the mind works, isn’t it?!
    With Luck

  18. You have raised some interesting points my friend…… And I wear items I love for several days in a row….. Thrifty indeed. Ps yay for sequin shorts and leather jackets!!!!!
    Brooke @ what2wear

  19. I’m glad I get to see this blouse 2 days in a row.

    I do the same thing all the time…I’ll just stare at a word and think “there’s no way that’s right”

  20. I do often wonder how certain traditions were started. As far as the song, I cannot say that I’ve ever actually heard that one in its entirety (Yes, I know strange), but it sounds creepy. I’ve learned that there are a lot of songs that if we actually listened to the words it would like “WOW…really?”

  21. Haha I totally agree with you on “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” but yet it’s one of those classics that we hear over and over again and hum without even thinking. Creepy lyrics though. I love your shorts/tights/boots look!

    Avec Amber

  22. I know the lyrics are kind of creepy, but I still love that song….

    And I have that spelling problem from time to time as well; always on seemingly easy words. Like Pencil. It’s not a hard word, there aren’t any alternate spellings but I had one day where I would have sworn that wasn’t correct. It really irritates me!

  23. I feel the same way about the Elf pics! I mean, I’m contributing to the Elf pandemonium, but I know what you mean. There are only so many times I can see the elf posed in some ridiculous situation. Can you tell I do the elf thing strictly for the kids? I’m kind of ‘meh’ about it. The elf’s pretty creepy looking.

    Yes!! That song is so creepy.

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