1. The Tortilla Factory CLOSED! 🙁 I went to school with the owner’s daughter and so I caught wind of it on FB this year. SADDEST. STORY. EVER! We loved it and they even catered our Project Grad party!

    In other news, the question I get asked most frequently is: “Has anyone ever told you you like look Reese Whitherspoon?”

    The answer? Yes. Tons. It’s a great compliment!

  2. Love the look! Love the jean jacket! In my opinion they are a must have for every closet!
    I liked reading about your FAQ’s, I wonder if I should do one like that…..
    The MOST asked question I get is “How do you pronounce that????” For my business name, salon & jewelry, Litva’s, which is my maiden name (Litva, I’m Croatian-Canadian)
    My response is “Exactly as it’s spelled…LIT–VA…..LITVA!” 🙂

  3. So fun to read the FAQ’s and learn a little more about you! One question I am emailed/asked in person A LOT is, “So, like, what ARE you? Where are you from?” Um… I think they mean what nationality am I. So after I deduce that, I tell them I second generation American -descended from Spanish, Italian and Welsh. And “Martian” might get thrown in if I am feeling snarky. 😉

    Love this look, Molly!

  4. Love the outfit. So freakin’ cute. I also thank you for sharing some more facts about you, which probably sounds weird. Anyway, thank you just the same. It is nice to know things about someone you read all the time.

    Usually the things I get asked all the time are: 1) You like country music? 2) Do you ride horses? 3) Do you own a horse? 4) You like bullriding? 5) You wear cowboy boots?

    1) Yes, love country (and rock). It is country 95% of the time and rock the other 5%, but this can vary depending on my mood. 2 & 3) Yes, I ride and care for horses as well as teach riding lessons sometimes, but no I do not own a horse of my own. Hopefully some day that will change. 4) yes, bullriding. Love bulls and I love cowboys so what better way to combine them than bullriding 🙂 5) Yes, yes I do. They are kind of clothes to me, you don’t leave the house without them unless there is just no way to fit them into your wardrobe for that day.

    I am an Oklahoma girl so these things were kind of inevitable in my opinion, but it still floors most of the people I meet and it takes them a few minutes to compute. The whole do not judge a book by its cover kind of thing, but anyway those are the most popular questions that I get asked.

  5. Molly – I love this little FAQ!!! I am always completely fascinated by how other bloggers do their “bloggy stuff” – how they take their pictures, what camera they use, whether they take pictures daily or in a batch – loved reading yours!!!

    Also – this outfit is adorable I love that top and the white jean jacket pulls everything together perfectly! Your style is comfortable yet super put-together!

  6. I love that you did this Q&A! Your job sounds very cool (and I love that every day is Casual Friday)! I lived in Arlington, VA until I was 5, and then the MD side of DC until I was 10! And that is amazing that you take all of your photos with a tripod!!! I would have never guessed! You have talent girl! I’ve tried to do it before and the whole focus thing was a big fail!

  7. In lurve with that ombre tee! I frequently get asked if my eyes are real or contacts. I remember being 8 and a lady asked if I had on contacts which at 8 I didn’t even know what contacts were!! Now people ask me if my son’s eyes are real and he is only 2! Sometimes I want to say no, they’re fake!! COME ON PEOPLE!!

    Happy weekend friend!

  8. Loving the little ombre number. Super CUTE!!! And I didn’t realize you take your own pictures…girl, you rock it with the camera. I thought your husband took them. I am impressed! It was fun reading more about your life. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  9. My office is casual too. Although, we just got a new director who states were are the worst-dressed agency in the country! ( I work for the government). So starting Jan 1, no more casual attire! Nooo! Oh well, more reason to shop, right?

    Something you may not know about me is that my mom is Korean, and I could eat rice everyday. LOL

    Go Heels!

  10. The best casual I have seen – you can totally rock that at night!! and I would have never guessed you take your own pics!! love it – gives me an idea for whem my kids are just so lazy they dont want to…lol

  11. My office is casual everyday, too, but sometimes I miss getting all dressed up. One question I get asked on my blog all the time is about how I get my hair to grow/curl/look the way it does 🙂

  12. Molly — been reading this blog for a while and no idea you grew up in Northern VA! I live in Chantilly 🙂 And just so you know, the Tortilla Factory in Herndon closed, so you’re not missing anything anymore! 🙂

  13. And here I was, only a few keystrokes away from randomly asking you what you do at your job, Molly. Lol. Anyway, one question I get asked a lot (three times this week-two of them at work) is why I paint my fingernails black (even when it doesn’t match my clothes). I figure, after a year or so, I owe you and the rest of Newhope an explanation. Haha. Well, a little over three years ago, I made some serious mistakes and I felt like my hands were absolutely tainted and unworthy of ever playing an instrument again. The guilt of it still sometimes haunts me to this day. Anyway, after dressing up as a goth for Halloween and painting my fingernails for the heck of it, I stared at the container of nail polish one day and decided to put it to better use. From then on, I’ve used it as a reminder to myself that even though I’ve used my hands to commit sins in the past, God can still use them to glorify Himself. The black nail polish completely covers my fingernails just like Christ’s blood completely covers my sin.

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