Casual Friday

December 7, 2012·

[Ombre Lace Tee: Madewell (on sale!) | Jacket: Old Navy | Necklace: c/o Caroline G. | Jeans: 74AM | Watch: Target | Bracelets:Kenya, InPink, and GroopDealz]

My office doesn’t have a dress code, really. So technically, every day is casual Friday for me. But, if I were to work in a more formal-dress office setting and casual Fridays were my only chance to, let loose, if you will, this is what I’d wear.

Honestly, I LOVE dressing up. I LOVE putting together fun outfits. It is honestly one of my favorite things to do is put together a creative look. But this look right here? This is where it’s at. 10+ year-old jeans, a comfy top, a jean jacket, and statement jewelry. Boom.

Anyway, I thought, being that it’s casual Friday and all, I’d answer a few FAQs. Because why not?

  1. Where do you live?I live in Hillsborough, NC. It’s a country little town and I love it.
  2. Who takes your pictures for you? 99.9% of the time, that’s me. With a tripod. And a totally convoluted method of getting myself in focus and snapping the photo. It’s totally not glamorous. In fact, it’s quite hilarious most of the time. Other times my friend Brooke will snap an outfit of me when I’m taking her outfit photos.
  3. When do you take your outfit photos? Since it’s dark in the afternoon now when I get off work, I either try and take them before work or, more often than not (because I am NOT a morning person) I take them on the weekend – but I recreate what I wore during the week. Because I’m OCD like that. So yes, everything you see me wear on this blog is something I wore in real life for a whole day.
  4. What kind of camera do you use? My camera BODY is an old Nikon D40 which I use to shoot in manual. I have an amazing 35mm/1.4 lens on it and that’s what really matters. I’m hoping to upgrade my camera body this year after I’ve saved some money for one. But honestly, it’s all in how you use the camera.
  5. What do you do for a living? Like, what’s your job? I am the “Director of Marketing and Business Development” for a trade publication in the commercial audio/visual (AV) industry.
  6. And yeah, what is that? Basically, I work for a digital media / news organization where we only write and cover news in the audio/visual industry. It’s a lot of cool technology and a lot of geeky stuff – my husband doesn’t really understand what I do. And that’s fine with me. 🙂
  7. Where did you go to college? I went to Christopher Newport University (Go Captains!) in Newport News, VA – it’s a public, liberal arts school and it was the BEST.
  8. But I thought you loved the Tar Heels? I do. A whole bunch. My husband went to UNC Chapel Hill and after moving here, you basically have to pick a side… UNC or Duke. And I chose UNC. NC State doesn’t count. 😉
  9. Where did you grow up? A town outside of Washington D.C. called Herndon, VA. I’ll be honest, I don’t miss living there – the only thing I do miss is The Tortilla Factory – only the best Mexican restaurant ever.
  10. Do you have any siblings? I have one sister and her name is Bridgid and she is the best. You may hear me mention other “sisters” – well, that’s cause I’m a PHI MU and dang proud of it. 🙂

Anyway. Those are just a few of the FAQs I get on a regular basis – I’ll be sure to share more soon!

In the meantime, tell me something I don’t know about you! What’s a question YOU get asked all the time?

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