1. GORGEOUS! This outfit is so chic! What a great mix of pieces…you look beautiful! Right now I’m trying to hold myself back from throwing my computer out the window. It’s been super slow and I can’t get anything done on it. I’ve barely been able to comment on any blogs and it’s driving me nuts!

    xo Jenny

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  3. I am just loving your clutch with everything! It truly is a versatile piece, and of course I love me some all black outfits but just can’t get over how much I love the polka-dots!

  4. I love the outfit and the booties! I have been so obsessed with your clutch for a couple of weeks now. I held off as long as I could but I had to buy one yesterday. So pretty and it goes with every single one of your looks!!!

  5. love the polka dots with the leather jacket!! and I love this post! I agree with you about the snow – I want some this time of the year. By end of january I’m sick of it but we’ve had none!

  6. gorgeous. all of it. and i just bought that panther/cougar (whatever it is) necklace for adam’s sis for christmas. now i’m even more convinced she’ll like it because it looks awesome with your outfit here. work it girl…

  7. Ahhh I love this outfit, definitely one of my favorites! LOVE the polka dot dress. You totally made the cute and girly dress look edgy and chic with the jacket and accessories. Hope you have a great weekend Molly! 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. I’m also reading Mindy Kaling’s book right now!! Loving it so far.

    And as for your wish that it was Christmas already…..I quite like the lead up! It’s the best part! 😀

  9. Love the outfit, Molly. I have been eyeballing those boots or a while now. I love the way they look, but the big question is are the comfy?!

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