January 11, 2013·

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This week went by unusually slow. Probably because I’m over the moon excited to be heading up to VA for a quick trip to see and spend some time with some dear friends tonight and tomorrow morning. It’s going to be a quick, quick trip, but I’m so excited I can’t stand it!

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Anywho. Here are some moments of the week:

1. This sunset. Yeah, I know already blogged about it, but it has to be put out there again. It was too amazing not to share again.

still being molly: high five for friday

2. So, our dogs sleep UNDER our bed at night. If we let our dogs sleep in our double bed with us, we would have NO room to sleep, so they go under the bed. However, we often have “Saturday morning reprieves” and let the dogs snuggle with us in bed. This past Saturday, Tater took it upon herself to hop on the bed and wake me up. This thing was in my face:

still being molly: high five for friday

3. I’ve had a busy week and have been working pretty late every night. Well, husband (on his own accord, mind you) went and got me a cookie dough twister from Andy’s the other night. Yeah, he’s a keeper.

still being molly: high five for friday

4. Don’t judge me, but these are delicious. I love zebra cakes and Christmas tree cakes and now we’re ready for VALENTINE’S DAY CAKES. Man, these are good.

still being molly: high five for friday

5. My custom birdnest necklace came in the mail yesterday. Hollie sent it over to me and I am in LOVE. I got to pick the color and number of beads and I am just smitten with it. It’s so dainty and lovely! And only $5.50?! I mean, really? No brainer. But yeah, I love it.

still being molly: high five for friday

What about you? What are your highlights of the week? Anything exciting?

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