What I Wear: Running Errands

January 15, 2013·

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still being molly: oxblood peplum jacket, floral scarf, striped tee, jeans, Carolina TOMS{{Jacket + Scarf: Thrifted
{{Tee: Stylemint
{{Clutch: The Pink Azalea Boutique
{{Jeans: Gap
{{Shoes: UNC TOMS Campus Classics

Okay, so I really have no way of knowing if you actually want to know what I wear on the weekends when I run errands. And really, what are errands, anyway? I mean, grocery shopping? Or be-bopping around town? Going to the drug store? Dry cleaners? I don’t even know. What errands do you do when you’re “running errands”?

But yeah, this is pretty much a good visual of what I wear on a weekend. My favorite, super comfy Gap bootcut jeans, a t-shirt, a scarf, and TOMS. Yes, I love TOMS. LOVE THEM. And I got these UNC Campus Classic TOMS (Go Heels!) for Christmas from my in-laws and I’m URBSESSED with them. I wear them ALL. THE. TIME.

Seriously, most comfortable shoes I own, hands down.

What does your go-to “errand running” or casual weekend outfit consist of?