1. It may be silly but I love seeing what bloggers wear IRL. I know many of them wear the outfits they post but I like seeing an average regular ol outfit best!

  2. You look so cute for errands! I’m lucky if I get a tee and jeans on to go run errands – half the time I’m in yoga pants and sweatshirts, haha. 🙂 Cute outfit!

  3. I wished I looked as cute as you when I run errands 🙂 I’m still not back into my pre-Titus clothes so my wardrobe consists of things that stretch 😛 So … yoga pants and skirts basically lol

  4. I just discovered your blog yesterday and it’s fabulous. I love this outfit. I totally agree, it’s perfect to run around and do errands.



  5. Weekend casual is always jeans and some sort of flannel or chambray shirt for me–a cozy sweater if it’s especially cold. Love your “errands” look, Molly–sneaks are a must!

  6. Urbsessed! That is an awesome word.

    When I run errands, I’m either wearing what I wore to work or I’m wearing skinnies, a loose top, and flats (boots or otherwise). I have to be comfortable!

  7. You look so cute and put together! My biggest issue is getting ready on the weekends. I can not for some reason put a really cute outfit together for shopping with my mom on a saturday. You look so cute! Also, you can come run my errands! I have tons!!

  8. I think you definitely got the gist of errands! I’d say various activities that you need to get done (which is admittedly pretty broad)! I love your outfit – comfy and chic! I usually wear jeans (skinny jeans / colored jeans / as long as they’re jeans) and cowboy boots with a tee or sweater and jewelry or a scarf!

  9. Even the “running errands” look is cute. I like the UNC baby blue, although i think Kentucky wildcat blue might look just a TAD better 😉 JK (if you were a duke fan I wouldn’t know what to do!)

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