Friends, All In, Snuggles, and Snowpocalypse

January 18, 2013·

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Happy Friday!

I had SUCH a great weekend last weekend. I was so blessed to drive up to Richmond for the night and spend some time with some sorority sisters. PLUS, my friend and AMAAAAAAAZING wedding photographer Katelyn James, spoiled us rotten. And by us, I mean her brides. She held a SPA DAY for us brides at the Red Door Salon & Spa in Richmond. So I got a facial AND I got to see friends? Talk about a win win!

But seriously, I felt so blessed. I mean, Katelyn was my photographer and yet, she spoiled us so sweetly for Christmas. What a gift she is!

still being molly: Friday

And of course, no trip to Richmond is complete without lunch at Plaza Azteca with some Phi Mus. 🙂

still being molly: Friday

I am loving the new series at church right now – it’s called All In and I just being part of a church family that is completely sold out to Christ, Biblically strong, and totally open, loving, and relevant.

still being molly: Friday

Tater has gotten in the habit now of jumping on the bed and snuggling me in the mornings while husband is at the gym. I can’t help but love it. She’s such a good snuggler.

still being molly: Friday

As I’m writing this, it’s SNOWING. I know, some of you hate snow or think, “Oh my gosh, come on, that’s nothing.” But I LOVE SNOW. Seriously. LOVE IT. It makes me so happy. Such a great way to end the week!

still being molly: Friday

What did YOU do this week? Highs? Lows? Loves?

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