1. Molly! CONGRATULATIONS!! That is SO exciting, and that video was the cutest thing ever 🙂 I didn’t scroll down so when I watching I just thought it was a video about how much you loved boots…so I died when I saw you put the little boots down 🙂 Anyway – SO cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. what a great group of friends! how fun! I like snow around christmas time – which we didn’t really get. we’ve hardly had any. I think it’s really pretty – i just don’t like driving in it!

  3. I think you all got about as much as we have in PA right now, which isn’t the norm for us. We are enjoying a milder winter! For you folks, it’s nice for the snow to be a little treat for you to enjoy. It really is beautiful-you should see it when we get a 6-12 inches overnight (when we have storms), and how it glistens and sparkles. Truly another masterpiece from the Maker!
    Have a great weekend! =)

  4. I love your cool chevron shirt! I miss hanging out with my girlfriends so much, but such is distance & now being a mom. Just went to your church’s website–it looks like it’s really thriving! What denomination is it?

  5. Being with your sorority sisters is the best! I am still so close to mine too! And man, I wish we would get snow at least once year…but in reality, it’s more like once every 3 years. I want to build a snowman!!!

  6. Love your chevron top!!! Sounds like you had an amazing weekend. My high’s of the week is that my blog made it into Circle of Mom’s top 25. 🙂



  7. Happy to hear you had such a nice week! Looks like you had some great time with girlfriends and I’m a little jealous of your dog snuggling in bed. Mine won’t stay still long enough for that haha
    With Luck

  8. Yay for a great weekend! I was able to see several old friends over the holidays and it was great 🙂 Snow does kind of freak me out though because I don’t like being trapped inside. I’m always scared to drive in it. But..thanks to your little friend known as snow, all my classes were cancelled today.Yesss! Have a great weekend.

  9. I love spending time with friends–combine that with FACIALS (!) and I’m pretty sure there’s nothing better 🙂 This week has been pretty stressful for me (I got a new boss, which is always interesting!), so I’m looking forward to a long weekend filled with friends and sleep!

  10. I’m jealous not just that you have snow and we don’t but that you got to eat Plaza Azteca!! I wish they would venture up north a bit more cause I miss them so much! Yum!

  11. That sounds like such an inspiring church series! And that is sooo sweet of your wedding photographer to give you a spa day! I love your sorority sister’s boots in the pic – they are awesome! And your Tater reminds me so much of my Chester! She looks like such a sweetie!!!

  12. I LOVE snow! Growing up in upstate NY I understand this isn’t much, but I can’t help but get excited for it! I especially love playing in it with my pups. They have a blast.

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