1. You look great in green Molly. Ps. do you have the app on your phone that tells you what fruit/veggie your baby is every week? My friend had that!

  2. Oh, Molly! If Stacy London took one look at your blog, she’d know you usually layer up with a completer jacket like a fashion pro! I love your darling, ruffly dress and the gray tweed really does complete it perfectly. You are looking so good, Mama! Isn’t just knowing there’s this little person in there the most amazing feeling? ~Sarah

  3. I’ve never heard the term “completer jacket” but love the idea! It makes a ton of sense and I also like how you through in a statement necklace and the like. That dress is super cute and I would have guessed J.Crew but I can see it coming from Loft too. Thanks for giving me something to think about when planning my outfits 😉

  4. I guess the closest I have is when Chris Burke (he played Corky on Life Goes On) came to our local McDonald’s and it was a HUGE turnout. (We have a large and very active disabled community in Northern VA.) And so we waited in line for forever to meet him and get a picture. And so we have this picture of poor Chris Burke with me and my brother sitting on his lap (we were probably 5 and 7 or thereabouts) and my brother is screaming…wailing, screaming, crying his eyeballs out…the whole nine yards. If you can imagine, Matt liked crowds and lots of people even less then than he does now.

    I mean, now I think it’s hysterical. But my mom was probably mortified.

    But remember, all you have to do is watch an episode of “What Not to Wear” and remember that at least you weren’t trying to convince Stacy that your leopard pajamas were appropriate office wear. 😉

  5. I could have definitely used a completer jacket today – mainly just for all of the crazy wind. I love Stacy London – how fun to have met her and even more fun that she dished out some fashion advice!

  6. This is a classic story to tell for years to come. I would have rolled into a ball and died!!! And I have never even heard of the term “completer” jacket! Learn something new everyday!!! And can we talk about how cute you look in this outfit…and that little baby bump!!! Precious!

  7. Oh my gosh, I’m so jealous you met her! I am addicted to any and all episodes of what not to wear, in fact it is how I started to mix instead of match colors and patterns! 🙂 You look adorable by the way, love this green dress and your baby bump is PRECIOUS!

  8. Oh girl you look so pretty! I love that blazer so much and the green is perfect. I need a green top. I always forget how beautiful green is.

    Also, love how you met Stacy — remind me to tell you some stories I have about her

  9. I’m jealous of 2 things. That green shirt is TO DIE for. AND. That Stacey London got to hang out with you (and vice versa, but mostly that she’s lucky. ) I’m also glad to hear she’s nice. I always hate the celebrity horror stories.

  10. What a great story. Lucky you! : ) Even better that you had the audacity to get a photo. I always feel awkward when I see celebrities to ask for a photo.

    I love that dress, the colour and the cut are so cute!


  11. Love your story. I would have been mortified if Stacy would have said that to me. YOu handled yourself beautifully. I will definitely keep that in mind when putting together my next outfit. I love What Not To Wear. My favorite piece of advice she gives is “Do you feel pretty in it?” It’s so important to feel good in what you are wearing.



  12. That is so neat that you got to meet Stacy! I’ve seen a bunch of celebs when I lived in New York, but the most awkward is when I saw Hugh Grant come out of his trailer while filming a movie. I didn’t say a single word to him, but he gave me what I can only describe as “the look of death”. Not sure what I ever did to him, but he was NOT having it.

    The Tiny Heart
    Sephora Giveaway!

  13. That’s SO awesome you met Stacy London AND technically you got some great free fashion advice without having to step into that horrible 3 way mirror dressing room on what not to wear! I think the only celebrity I’ve ever met was Blake Shelton and we didn’t chat much. He was super nice and we took a picture on his bus but that was about it. OH, and I’m loving all the green, one of my fav colors!

  14. I’m so jealous you got to meet Stacy London!!!! I love her, I love What Not To Wear.

    I am an accessorie-o-holic… So I probably have a ton of “completers” and didn’t even realize it ;D

    Loving your blazer with the pop of green and yellow!!!!! Conservative yet still spunky and fun! <3

  15. I’m so jealous! I LOVE What Not To Wear (and have forever) and I’ve always felt like I really wanted Stacey and Clinton to have their way with my wardrobe haha

  16. Get outta town! I would have been petrified to meet her. If I KNEW I was going to meet her I would be petrified and have no clue what to wear!!!
    Now I feel like I need to carry around a completer jacket haha

  17. So jealous! I love Stacy London!!! And I totally get where y’all are coming from about the completer jacket. I always have to have a cardigan or something on hand to wear, otherwise I feel like I’m missing something all day long.

  18. So you look amazing and I kind of wish on the daily that I had gotten pregnant after you so that I could have done better with my style choices but that is neither here nor there at this point! But believe me, you are darling. Also, that Stacy London story is hilarious. I love that she actually said that like she lives out WNTW in her real life. I didn’t even know what a completer jacket was so I’ve probably not had one on many occasions. Will def have to work on that!

  19. So funny, here’s mine..I got ya beat…

    My husband and I are musicians, and way back 100 years ago we used to play a wonderful mix of cosmic cowboy music. The kind of music that pays homage to the greats like Graham Parsons, Guy Clark, Ralph Stanley, etc..all in one big fusion bucket. So, we’re at Merlefest in Wilkesboro NC and I see a lady standing over by one of the many stages and she looks familiar…I edge my way over to get a better look…I’m finally standing right next to her. I realize she totally reminds me of Emmy Lou Harris, only a little more mature version. So, I say to her “Did anyone ever tell you, you look like Emmy Lou Harris?” She sort of gives me a polite nod and otherwise ignores me.

    Later that day, Emmy Lou Harris winked at me while I watched her deliver back up vocals for Guy Clark. She looked very mature. Duh.

  20. That is too cute of a story. Love it.

    I have a cropped jean jacket, which I wear with some of my outfits. I guess that can count as my completer piece, but other than that I don’t really have any completer pieces. I guess I never gave it much thought.

    I have celebrity encounters that I consider awkward. The one that sticks out most was when I went to my first concert and it was my favorite artist Rhett Akins. I hadn’t been able to get close enough for an autograph and so I was in at the merchandise table. I cannot lie that I went a little overboard. I was younger and more excitable at that time. Rhett is walking by and the merchandise guy calls him over for me (after my friend nudged me and told me to do it), when Rhett got to the table the merchandise guy proceeded to tell him that I had bought one of everything on the table, (which was a complete exaggeration but still just as embarrassing. That is one. My list is kind of long. Not that I mingle with celebrities, but I go to rodeos and bull ridings so I’m always bumping into a cowboy or two.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  21. Um how did I not know this…… I’ve had a strange girl crush on Stacey since I was 16 (no joke) totes jealous!!!! And I love that always have a completer jacket now….. I have to agree every outfit needs one!!
    Brooke @ what2wear

  22. I love that you said frock instead of dress. 🙂
    Stacy is awesome! Meeting her is probably not in my future but it’s just as well since I’d be flipping out over my outfit for weeks beforehand. Ah well, I live vicariously through your experience.

  23. What a great story, and a great tip! I heard recently that another blogger used the rule of three, meaning she always wore at least 3 garments to complete a look. I must say both of these are ideas I’ve never had, but will be forever stuck in my brain 😀 thank you for sharing and how exciting to meet Stacy, I would die!


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