1. I really liked The Bradley Method. We are hoping to attend classes on it if there’s ever another blessing for us 🙂 As far as a natural birth, I don’t know what your hospital/birth center allows but using Essential Oils can be really helpful during birth! If you ever want any more info on that let me know. I wish I would have known about it with Titus.

  2. Oh my gosh ! I just discovered through this post that you’re expecting ! That’s sooo cool ! Congratulations ! You sure are a gorgeous preggo ! Lovely little bump…
    BTW, i’ve been reading your blog since 2 months or so and I love your style ! Keep on the good work !
    Blessings from France

  3. Several things: First and foremost- praying for you! Next, the pic of you and your husband is great- you look so gorgeous! How fun to stay at a place in your town. I recently did a walking tour of the town I live in and it was full of “oh my gosh I never knew that was here!” Love it! Third…your baby bump is just too precious! 🙂

  4. Stay-cations are the best! Sometimes they’re the most relaxing, simply because you don’t have to worry about the extra travel, etc and you can just enjoy yourself. Happy weekend, Molly! xo

  5. Praying you get to feeling better very soon girl!! And I can’t wait to see the nursery!! Will there be any baby ramseys in there?! You better believe I have my eye out for the cutest Tarheel outfit ever for this little babe! 🙂

  6. Molly,

    Be prepared…everyone who has ever given birth is going to feel free to share their birth stories, horrors and advice for the next 28 weeks!! That being said, here is mine! Read “the Birth Book” by The Sears’. Best info I ever read.

  7. I love the bradley method and natural birth is amazing! I have lots of recs about it and advice if you want it : ) The exercises to help prepare of some of the other suggestions during labor really helped! I read 11 childbirth books before Avery because I am crazy but happy to share them with you!! I will be praying that all of your other symptoms are taken care of. Love you! Let me know if you want to talk or if there is anything I can do to help!

  8. First of all, congratulations! Pregnancy is such an amazing time. I was lucky enough to really enjoy mine and feel wistful whenever I see a pregnant lady.
    I really recommend reading Hypnobirthing. My husband and I both read it in preparation for a med free labor. (Unfortunately it didn’t happen for us because my labor was so so long- over 40 hours from water breaking to Linus’ arrival, but I did avoid an epidural.) The book was really interesting and helpful to both of us. It makes a big to-do of not using any other methods because it contaminates you or something, but I say that’s poppycock 😉 Arm yourself with information. Be prepared for you and your husband to advocate for you and be prepared to change plan if need be.
    Good luck!

  9. The other day I was thinking about how all I wanted was poptarts and I don’t know if I’ve ever even bought them before but plan on it!! We went to the baby store last weekend too – it was SO fun!! a little overwhelming but SO fun!! and I’m impressed you’re already cleaning out closets and getting ready – we haven’t done a thing!!

  10. Praying for you girl. And the icee thing is cracking me up because my sister has been craving those too. What is it I wonder?? So happy for the two of you. Have fun this weekend.

  11. Molly, I miss you beautiful friend, and could not be more excited for you and your hubby on your new addition to your family. Aaahahhhh congrats!!!! I’m so behind on blogging right now, but I’ll definitely be tuning in frequently to hear about EVERYTHING!

  12. Pre-planning for the nursery is very exciting. I think all mothers do.
    It’s something very special to most parents because it’s a place for your precious little one.
    I am excited to know your plans for the nursery.
    Good Luck

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