1. i am loving those pink drop earrings you have above, i have no idea what i would wear them with but i would LOVE them.

  2. It is some beautiful jewelry. Pink is pretty and does make for some gorgeous jewelry pieces. I cannot say that I own any pink sapphire yet. I might have to change that after seeing the pieces above. My favorite piece of jewelry (or pieces in this case) are bracelets. One is a brown beaded bracelet that my mom gave me and the other is a charm bracelet, with a cowboy charm and a boot charm, that a friend gave me.

  3. I love all those light pink ones too! Pink sapphires, I think you have me hooked now. Thanks Molly!

    I would gladly take those last light pink dangle earrings with the diamonds. Now where would I wear such a pair of earrings, that is the real question!

  4. How do I choose!!? I love the rings, but the earrings! Oh my goodness. I could wear them all. The dangly earrings with the closed back are awesome for long hair. I’ve lost earrings because of trying to flip my hair out of the way and the stupid earring goes with it. I love dangly earrings that actually stay on!

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