1. I’ll just have to ignore the fact that you’re a Tar Heel fan. 😛 My cousin is a Duke alum and played soccer there, and they have season basketball tickets at Cameron, so I do kind of prefer them. However, I did go to basketball camp at UNC in HS, so there’s that.

    Regardless, next basketball season this will all be null and void because MY alma mater (the University of Pittsburgh) joins the ACC and I cannot root for anyone else in the conference. 😉

  2. I love this color combo! And as I said this morning…Go Duke. If you look hard tonight, you can spy me where I always am at every Duke game…press row. I’ll be the red head with my hands in front of my face bc we can’t cheer. Haha

  3. Chucks are simply amazing. I have a black and gray pair (boring). I was thinking maybe a pink pair but I love the blue! And since you’re a fan of the Chuck’s you should see the ones they have for bitty babies 🙂 Adorable. Got my daughter her first pair when she was a little over a year and haven’t stopped since!

  4. The blue and yellow together are fabulous! So nautical – it’s inspiring me on a possible bag and or skirt design 🙂 As always, thanks for the plug and thanks for wearing it well 🙂

  5. Love your outfit and I love your belly pictures. I remember standing in one spot in my kitchen where I took weekly pictures of my ever growing belly. I missed it. You look fabulous.



  6. I’m really loving that scarf, the blue {aka not Duke blue} just pops off of the white. By the way you look great!! I Hope you’ve been feeling better.

  7. Haha dook blue. I love this outfit (yellow is my absolute favorite color)! I’m not a college basketball fan but I do march madness every year to see if I’m psychic 🙂 I’ve never liked Duke though, so to be fair… Go CNU!

  8. Molly you look gorgeous in this outfit, seriously you are glowing!!! And I’m with you on the duke thing…. I’m going to stop myself right now before i say something mean about them hahaha 🙂
    Brooke @ what2wear

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