1. What a great necklace!!! I’ve been loving that style lately – I was ogling one in a boutique in Santa Monica this week. Looks great with this outfit!!

  2. Ok that’s it! you’re so cute and you rock those mint jeans!! I love mint and I’ve been on the lookout for some grey skinnies and maybe red and mint too haha. The bumpy style illustration is so cheery and adorable!! I think I almost have bumpy style even though im not pregnant! lol and YES im ready for spring! Az’s been in the 70’s lately and im lovin it!

  3. Love your outfit, especially the cowboy boots. Don’t forget about my link up tomorrow about styling cobalt.



  4. I have certainly worn maternity clothing 3 days in a row! Sometimes you just find something that fits so well and is comfynyouncant help yourself! I am so ready for spring too and love your mint jeans.

  5. Cute! Freezing doesn’t happen in NC! It happens in ND where I am leaving in three weeks. I cannot wait to get to NC, we are moving to Fayetteville so soon! So excited to be a part of such a lovely state with so much history!!!

  6. Warmer weather can’t come soon enough!!! It got down to 39 last night. Uhhh I hate being cold, so spring needs to hurry up! Love your boots too!!

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