1. For sleeping you should try a body pillow to snuggle. They make special preggo ones and I loved mine!

    Good luck 🙂

  2. If ever I wondered where the time went, I only have to look at you pregnant to be shocked shocked shocked. I still remember your struggling like crazy to get out of your baby seat in your mom’s car. Tough little cookie. I’ll bet you give birth to another one.

  3. OMG that nom nom nom shirt! I NEED one of those when I get preggers! And I think we get the EXACT same froyo! Too funny!!!

  4. I’m a little tardy to the party, but congrats on your pregnancy! I’m 35 weeks now and I’ve found that my weight gain is less of an even upward trend and more like a spiking chart. I vividly remember between one of my appointments I gained 9 pounds (in 4 weeks) and then at the next appointment 4 weeks after that… no change (even though my diet/exercise regimen also hadn’t changed). So, don’t worry if you gain too much weight between appointments at first. I think babies just go through growth spurts and our bodies accommodate. It all evens out though.

  5. Ok a. Spending time with you (especially when cheese fries are involved) is always a highlite for my life b. I LURVE scout and mollys and c. That nom nom shirt is da bomb!!!! Love you friend
    Brooke @ what2wear

  6. You are just too adorable – glad everything is going well for you and the baby-to-be! Blog Hopping from Two Thirty Five – have a fantastical weekend and don’t forget to “Spring Ahead” an hour on Saturday night!

  7. You look so adorable! I LOVE those red leggings. You deserve to be comfy – and how exciting you get to go back to the doctor! Is today the day the doc could tell you if you’re having a boy or girl? I thought I read that you weren’t finding out – you have amazing willpower if so!

  8. You look great Molly. I love those earrings. Don’t forget to enter my stella and dot giveaway.



  9. nice earrrings!!! you are so cute! ask God to grant you some sleep. hit home on the other post about money. i really want a home. we rent and have for the 15 yrs of our marriage. it’s time we settled down and invested in our future. the baby bump is really showing! again, you are so darn cute. j.

  10. Yay for feeling the baby move! I still remember the first time I felt one of those flutters. So magical (and a bit weird too!) 🙂 And I LOVE your nom shirt. So awesome. I’ll pray that you can get some good rest tonight!

  11. Look at that adorable baby bump!! I SO wish you were finding out what you’re having!! 🙂

    I need some mint jeans!!

    And, I have to tell you…when I saw this strawberry cupcake and the yogurt this week I was SOOO jealous. At those moments I was craving something like crazy, and you weren’t making it any better 😉

  12. It looks like you had a great week. I think date nights are so much fun when you are married. It’s crazy how little time you spend with each other even when you do live together. Date nights are a perfect way to get some quality time in 🙂

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