Moments + 18 Weeks!

March 8, 2013·

Happy Friday!

1. Brooke and I were mint jeans twins this weekend. I love getting to spend girl time with my sweet friend (especially when cheese fries are involved) – and it just so happened we were both sportin’ the mint jeans. 🙂

2. My craving for strawberry stuff manifested itself in this giant strawberry cupcake from Whole Foods this week. It was absolutely as delicious as it looks.

3. Husband and I had a much needed date night on Tuesday and he took me to this boutique in town called Scout and Molly’s so I could use the gift card he got me for Christmas. Since their clothing doesn’t exactly fit me right now, I snagged these GORGEOUS quatrefoil and pearl earrings by mollybeads. mollybeads at Scout and Molly’s for Molly. I think it was meant to be.

4. No date night is complete without post-dinner Sweet Frog.

5. When I get home from work, it takes me about 2.5 seconds to change into more comfortable clothing. This week’s choice? A shirt that says “nom nom nom,” some red leggings, and a pair of John’s socks. I am the epitome of class, I tell you. 🙂

Now for my 18 week pregnancy update!

still being molly maternity style: mint jeans, mint cowboy boots, chambray tunic, white denim jacketHow far along: 18 weeks!
How big is baby: A large mango! (6-8 inches)
Weight gain: Eh, it’s looking like I may have gained a little too much this week. I have a doctor’s appointment today so I will be interested to see if I’m too far ahead or right on track.
Sleeping: Still eh. All I want to do is sleep but sleeping ain’t coming easy right now.
Food cravings: I still want [B]Ski’s. ALL THE TIME. Also SKIM MILK. Like, I could drink a gallon of skim milk in a day (which I won’t do, because then I’ll get sick… but you know what I mean). Also, strawberry-flavored stuff – like strawberry ice cream, strawberry cupcakes, etc.
Food aversions: I have absolutely no interest in eating any kind of Japanese or Chinese food. Weird. I know.
Symptoms: Same, same, I know you’re name. Nausea. Sleepiness. Except now you can add a little moody on top of that. Ew.
Doctor’s appointment: Today!
Movement: So I felt the baby move a bunch late last week and now this week nothing. So, hurmph.
Best moment of the week: A date night with the husband earlier this week – it was SO needed.
What I’m looking forward to: My doctor’s appointment today!
What I did / Got for baby: Honestly, spending time with my husband… QUALITY time was needed and totally for baby. 🙂
What I learned this week: The baby can distinguish between voices now and the baby is also yawning and hiccuping and moving all around… I just can’t really feel it.
Prayer requests: For sleep. I need a good night’s sleep. Seriously. And for baby to continue to grow strong and healthy!

What are your highlights and moments of the week?

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