Moments + 18 Weeks!

March 8, 2013

Happy Friday!

1. Brooke and I were mint jeans twins this weekend. I love getting to spend girl time with my sweet friend (especially when cheese fries are involved) – and it just so happened we were both sportin’ the mint jeans. 馃檪

2. My craving for strawberry stuff manifested itself in this giant strawberry cupcake from Whole Foods this week. It was absolutely as delicious as it looks.

3. Husband and I had a much needed date night on Tuesday and he took me to this boutique in town called Scout and Molly’s so I could use the gift card he got me for Christmas. Since their clothing doesn’t exactly fit me right now, I snagged these GORGEOUS quatrefoil and pearl earrings by mollybeads. mollybeads at Scout and Molly’s for Molly. I think it was meant to be.

4. No date night is complete without post-dinner Sweet Frog.

5. When I get home from work, it takes me about 2.5 seconds to change into more comfortable clothing. This week’s choice? A shirt that says “nom nom nom,” some red leggings, and a pair of John’s socks. I am the epitome of class, I tell you. 馃檪

Now for my 18 week pregnancy update!

still being molly maternity style: mint jeans, mint cowboy boots, chambray tunic, white denim jacketHow far along: 18 weeks!
How big is baby: A large mango! (6-8 inches)
Weight gain: Eh, it’s looking like I may have gained a little too much this week. I have a doctor’s appointment today so I will be interested to see if I’m too far ahead or right on track.
Sleeping: Still eh. All I want to do is sleep but sleeping ain’t coming easy right now.
Food cravings: I still want [B]Ski鈥檚. ALL THE TIME. Also SKIM MILK. Like, I could drink a gallon of skim milk in a day (which I won’t do, because then I’ll get sick… but you know what I mean). Also, strawberry-flavored stuff – like strawberry ice cream, strawberry cupcakes, etc.
Food aversions: I have absolutely no interest in eating any kind of Japanese or Chinese food. Weird. I know.
Symptoms: Same, same, I know you’re name. Nausea. Sleepiness. Except now you can add a little moody on top of that. Ew.
Doctor鈥檚 appointment: Today!
Movement: So I felt the baby move a bunch late last week and now this week nothing. So, hurmph.
Best moment of the week: A date night with the husband earlier this week – it was SO needed.
What I鈥檓 looking forward to: My doctor鈥檚 appointment today!
What I did / Got for baby: Honestly, spending time with my husband… QUALITY time was needed and totally for baby. 馃檪
What I learned this week: The baby can distinguish between voices now and the baby is also yawning and hiccuping and moving all around… I just can’t really feel it.
Prayer requests: For sleep. I need a good night’s sleep. Seriously. And for baby to continue to grow strong and healthy!

What are your highlights and moments of the week?

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