1. OMG Im a sucker for Toms shoes. my husband already gets on me because I have more than I actually wear but oh well. He’s a man. what does he know anyway right.. LOL…

    I’m going to see if I can somehow cleverly hint to them to buy me these toms. We’ll see since mother’s day is past… But everyday is mother’s day in my book.


  2. Seriously! You gotto add some education to your list – I was just listening to Elaine’s Bookreportradio (dotcom) interview with the author of ‘Healthy Mom Healthy Baby”, and the short of my conclusion (other than the discussion on whether or not it’s alright to have a glass of wine being pregnant), is that education about what’s happening to your body is paramount to an peaceful mind – is invaluable! Give a book, and it’s still relevantly cheap #justsaying

  3. Love the hospital gown! OMGoodness – so adorable. I was not so adorable or lucky to wear a beautiful piece. I got the nice light blue number and a lovely plastic cap to wear in the operating room! I was gorg let me tell ya!

    xo Lulu

  4. I love the ideas. Those toms are adorable. But just a random question, is the maternity gown to be worn while you are giving birth or after? Because if it is for during, well, it might not make it to first pictures…just sayin 😉 With my first, I threw up all over myself in the middle of pushing and with my second, she pooped all over me right after she was born. So, though super cute, I would spring for comfy sweat pants and a nursing tank to change into after the baby is born.

  5. I got a diaper bag when I was pregnant with Harry. I do have to say, the gown is a little ridiculous, unless you don’t mind throwing away $60. The things that come out of your body during labor…and the weeks following…

      1. i don’t know if i’d risk it. it’s so cute! unless it was in black, then it would hide everything.

  6. These are some good ideas. Whatever the gift is, I think it should be solely for the Mom and not the new baby. It should be all about her on this day.

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