How to: Plan for your financial future when you're single


  1. It doesn’t worry me 🙂 most others will know exactly what you’re talking about! America dominates the blogggy world so you get used to it. .. In fact sometimes I catch myself using American slang and people get weirded out haha,!

  2. Yay !
    I’ve been waiting for this post for a while 🙂
    The non car purchasing and the 20% Down payment really help solidify what’s been going on it my head ! I’m not exactly sure what Roth is in Australian terms but we have a compulsory super fund. Currently sitting at 9% of our income but jumping to 12% after the first of July. So its pretty good. I can also make a personal contribution, and if I do so have an extra $500 per year added by the government. The hardest thing with super is if you don’t work it all gets eaten up by fees and you end up starting over again (for women it’s those few years you spend off for babies) gah! Doing the math saving 20% would take 3-6 years. But for me 3 years is when I would finish Uni (I study externally so I can work – but this also means its taken double the time) which is the earliest I’d but anyway – I don’t want pressure of a loan amidst working and studying full time ! Thanks for your wise words 🙂

    1. yay! i’m so glad you found this helpful, emily!!! and ahhh i am so sorry, i didn’t realize you live in Australia! woops – i totally would have taken that into account… but i’m SURE that there are similar issues and programs there!!

  3. Another awesome post! My fiancé & I have begun talking about his/mine/OUR finances, and many of our conversations have started out with me saying, “Well my friend Molly suggests….” – we are on track to eliminate both of our debts after the first year of marriage and then plan to save for a down payment while contributing to our retirement funds… that we need to start!
    Thanks for your honest and inspiring words

    1. Ah Jessica!!! That is awesome and TOTALLY made my day!!! 🙂 🙂 I’m so glad y’all are taking these steps now – it’s SO important!! Let me know what questions you have along the way – I’d LOVE to answer one (or more) in an upcoming post!!!

  4. Awesome post!! I agree on the car, AND I just started a ROTH this past fall at 21. My financial advisor is a close friend but also AWESOME at explaining everything and helping me make wise decisions with my money. Definitely all great suggestions!

  5. Thanks for this post! I saw another person posting about Roth IRA’s and all of this other stuff but I didn’t understand it. I’m 25 and I don’t have a career where I can invest in a 401k yet, but if i stayed with this company I think I could on down the line. I’m definitely bookmarking this post to look back on one day! 🙂

    1. Thank you for the comment, Rachel!!! It’s definitely something that is a bit complex and can be tough to understand, but is SUPER important to read and learn about!! I wish I had known a lot of this stuff sooner. 🙂

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