1. You look adorable and keep up the great work out routine…healthy momma, healthy baby! We purchased a Best Chairs storytime series recliner/glider. They make several kinds and are super comfy. We bought ours at Buy Buy Baby, but their website lists all the retailers. I’ve also heard good things about some of the ones target carries!

  2. Awww Molly you look gorgeous! Your baby bump is so cute! And don’t be too hard on yourself, listening to your body is the best thing you can do! You look perfectly healthy and happy! 🙂 I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well!

  3. You look FAB, Molly. A couple more months left. Anyway, I featured you at my current post on Week’s Best Looks. Check it out.

    Also I love Simply Lulu Blog. It is Great all around.

  4. Molly, I totally feel your pain on the weight issues! I’m just starting my 4th pregnancy and have struggled with weight each time… Although I’m not sure if its my weight or the stress I get from my doctor because of it! I wish they would just let us grow our babies! I have had three perfect pregnancies, three amazingly healthy babies, and always work hard to shed the weight after, so I’ve decided to just do what I need to do, and you should too! Good luck to you, sweet friend! Don’t stress too much – you’re a beauty and it sounds like you’re growing a healthy one!

  5. Oh hang in there! I know, I had the pelvic pain too – it’s hard. I was totally upset by like 30 weeks b/c (with twins) I was really hoping they would tell me to bedrest it, at least a little bit. But I had no real medical issues, tons of little things (carpool tunnel, feet hurt terribly, just overall hardache on my body). By 35 weeks I was cursing my doctors!!! 🙂 You look so fabulous! Love to hear about how you’re doing every week!

    xo Lulu

  6. every time i see a pic of you in the gym I think how amazing you are! I didn’t work out my entire pregnancy and I haven’t really worked out since Parker has been born. I gained about 50 pounds, but I’ve pretty much lost it all without even trying via nursing…don’t be too hard on yourself!! I think you look amazing lady!

  7. A cucumber is a really strange vegetable to compare a baby to! I could see that being super-confusing. Also, so cool that the baby can dream!

  8. I love that the baby is moving so much!!! And cucumber is such an odd reference point! Plus, it’s so straight – I can’t imagine a whole cucumber so straight in my belly! You are so beautiful!

  9. 10ish weeks left! How exciting, Molly! I can’t wait to get the crib, it will seem so official (ha). We have the opposite, got our rocking chair last weekend and I love it. I like to practice sitting in the baby’s room in it 🙂

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