High Five for Friday + 32 Weeks!

June 14, 2013·

h54f-june-14_09601. + 2. My best friend Dani had her sweet baby! Her name is Elle Annemarie and she’s just perfect. I can’t wait to spoil her and I can’t wait for our baby to have playdates with little Elle! I also love how a bunch of people thought I had our baby early when I posted this photo. 🙂
3. So much love for my husband and puppies.
4. So, I’m in Florida for work and the hotel where I’m staying has a TV in the bathroom mirror. How crazy awesome is THAT?!
5. I’m proud of myself – I have STILL worked out even though I’ve been working! I’m definitely a level of exhausted I didn’t know I could be, but yeah, I’m tired.
6. I got my hearing checked at one of the booths here at the tradeshow. I’ve never had my hearing screened so it was actually a cool experience. I did learn though that I have a tougher time hearing lower frequencies / deep voices. That explains why I’m always like, “WHAAAT?” when my husband speaks. He has a super deep voice so I guess I just have a harder time hearing it… but apparently my hearing “loss,” for the most part, is normal for my age range.

So, what things are YOU celebrating this week?


Forgive the less-than-fancy weekly bump photo… this has literally been what I’ve worn every day this week since I’ve been in Florida for work, so I was able to quickly snap this in our trade show booth so I could at least document it! 🙂

How far along: 32 weeks

How big is baby: About 3.5-4 pounds and about 18 inches long. The “veggie” scale says large jicama. But, seeing as I have no clue as to what that looks like in real life, that tells me nothing.

Weight gain: I haven’t weighed myself in a week… woops!

Sleeping: Yeah, not great.

Food cravings: Nothing really this week – I’ve actually been so preoccupied with work this week that I haven’t really thought about “food” in that way… if that even makes sense.

Food aversions: None this week.

Symptoms: My back is constantly angry at me and my feet aren’t a fan of me, either.

My Braxton Hicks contractions are kicking it up a notch… they don’t hurt, but they’re not comfortable, that’s for sure.

Miss Anything?: Still sleep! I think it will from now on be sleep.

Doctor’s appointment: I had another one last week just to get the clearance to travel, so it was good.

Wedding Rings: Still on!

Clothes: Well, this week it’s been jeans and my work t-shirt since I’ve been at the trade show all week.

Movement: This week it seems like the baby is doing constant forward rolls in my belly – it feels CRAZY!

Best moment of the week: My BFF Dani had her baby! YAY!!

What I’m looking forward to: I’m a little over a week away from my baby shower – AHH I can’t believe it’s that time!

What I did / Got for baby: John and I took our childbirth class last weekend. It was actually REALLY helpful and we surprisingly enjoyed it. I feel much better about the whole process.

What I learned this week: The baby is going to gain about 1/4-1/2 a pound a week from here on out! AHH!

Prayer requests: I fly home from Florida to North Carolina tomorrow (Saturday) – so prayers for safe travel. 🙂

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