1. It was great seeing you the other night! Can’t wait for the event tonight! I’m crossing my fingers that the highway isn’t flooded when I drive out there, hahaha! (I really wish that was a joke)

  2. I’ve probably been living under a rock but I just realized you didn’t know the sex of your baby. A friend of mine is doing this as well. I envy that so much and plan on doing the same when my time comes to have a child. Good luck to you!

  3. First of all, I can relate to pretty much all of this. Except the wedding ring thing. I had to take mine off with my 2nd baby. I missed wearing it! I remember waking up and throwing my legs over the side of the bed and struggling to get out. Ha ha! I will pray for you that everything goes smoothly with your labor and that you make the right decisions for you and your baby.


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  4. Hahaha I love that the baby is a party animal! I’m glad the back pain is getting better! I love the movie photo, your hubby seems so sweet!

  5. Loving your friday fives Molly. Love the picture of you in the apron. Hope you have a good appt.

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  6. Girl, I had a crazy kamikaze gymnast in my tummy for most of my pregnancy. 😉 However when my little guy was born he was the calmest best baby.

  7. Awe, baby is will be here soon! Sorry, but I couldn’t help but laughing about not being able to get out of bed. That will SO be me in less than 3 months. Oh Joy! Almost there Momma 🙂


  8. I’m definitely praying for you friend!!! You look terrific at 36 weeks. I hope you find some comfort very soon. And I have good news, even though your newborn will have you up rather frequently thru the night, you get to sleep however you want! Its glorious. And plus, since you are up so much already, you are already kind of used to it. At least this way you will get to be comfortable for the little amounts of sleep you get. 🙂 XOXO

  9. You’re almost there! And it’s true what they say about the pregnancy glow because you look beautiful 🙂 Also, golden retriever puppies?! THE CUTEST!

  10. Nearly there!! At 34 weeks I’m right on your heels 😉 Isn’t it amazing to think that we will be producing new people who have a life of purpose and destiny ahead of them!! Absolutely incredible. Hope the last stretch is super blessed for you, Molly.

  11. Yeah for the chiropractor for pregnant ladies! Spread the word! My hubby was in DC school when I was pregnant and he adjusted me daily ( I was his practice patient). I give him credit for my two hour labor with no pain meds! Well – partial credit. I did some work too;) Go girl! Susan

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