Custom Thank You Notes from Tiny Prints

July 16, 2013·

Ahhhhh! We finished our Thank You notes!! (Or, admittedly, the ones for gifts from our baby showers). I’ll be honest, I am usually TERRIBLE at getting this step done. I am just awful at sitting down and just knocking out the thank you notes that I know so desperately need to be done. But, J and I took a weekend and we sat down at the kitchen table and wrote.

I created a little Thank You note station… stamp, stamps, addresses, gift list, and of course, the Thank You notes.

I really wanted to do something different for our Baby Shower thank you notes, and Tiny Prints contacted me to see if I’d be interested in trying them out, I was like, “Heck yes! You have awesome timing!”

I went on the Tiny Prints website, picked out the style of Thank You note I wanted, and went through the whole process of uploading our image (which was taken by the FABULOUS Katie Nesbitt photography), I added the scripture that I wanted to use, and the custom signature. I ordered them on a Wednesday and they were there, at my front door step by Tuesday! The whole process was SO easy, the customer service was awesome, and the shipping was crazy fast.

I LOVE how they turned out. The quality of the cardstock is so nice and the colors of the image weren’t muted or anything. I really really love them. The only mistake I made was not ordering enough! 😛

So now I need to order more… oh well, can do!

I also can’t WAIT to order our birth announcements from them.

There is no greater feeling than seeing all of your finished thank you notes in the outgoing position of your mailbox:

What about you? Are you as bad at Thank You notes as I am? What system do you use? Have you ever tried Tiny Prints? (BTW: I got a sweet coupon code coming for y’all later this week!)

Happy Tuesday!

*I was able to order these Thank You notes free of charge courtesy of Tiny Prints in exchange for my honest feedback, review, and opinion. No other compensation was provided. I really love this company and would recommend them to anyone!