1. Skincare is very tricky. Crazy thing is that I never had acne or any type of problems with my skin until wayy after college. Even now, I’ve found that I have to switch up my routine of products every now and again because my skin gets used to it. I’ve never tried Clearasil products though, right now I’m hooked on Clean & Clear.


  2. I usually use aveeno face wash. I will have to try this! It looks as if it is refreshing. The best feeling in the world is having clean skin!
    Again Congrats on your new addition!


  3. I’m definitely looking for a new, affordable facewash that will control my oily skin and acne. I’m currently using Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean foaming facewash in the mornings and Avalon Organics in the evening. Avalon is affordable, but I think my skin is getting too used to it (been using it for over a year!), so it’s time to switch it up. My skin is whack, though. I need something gentle enough that won’t irritate my sensitive skin, but strong enough to control the oil and acne. Sort of sounds like this is a legit product for my “issues.” 🙂 Thanks for sharing an honest opinion! I’ll check this stuff out.

  4. CONGRATS on Lilly! (we actually had that name for Ella originally). How beautiful. Enjoy the time together as a family. 🙂 You look adorable in your close ups 🙂

    xo Lulu

  5. You are just adorable! Congrats on the new pretty baby girl!! Yippee!! I may try this face wash. We are always looking for new and affordable beauty supplies! I linked up with you today! I did a post on Jamberry nails. As a new mom , you will love these!! Susan

  6. I love this Clearasil new wash. It smells really nice and feels great on the skin when you apply it. Plus because its Clearasil I know it will clear my spots away.

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