Kenya Themed, Gender Neutral, Green and Yellow Nursery


  1. I love this! we’re adopting from Africa, and while we aren’t doing an Africa-themed room, I am including some jungle animal touches. it will be an urban jungle sort of theme… we’ll see how it turns out! waiting until we’re closer to the end to set it all up!

  2. That is one amazing transformation! I would totally spend all my time in their too if I were you! What a beautiful room. I love that the theme has such a special meaning to your family!

  3. Wow. That is quite a transformation. I love the theme, how it is so personal and meaningful to you. Can I borrow Mr. Stillman to help me lay some tile this weekend?

  4. Molly…it looks so amazing!!!! I love the ombre dresser and all the special little details. Your photos of the giraffes and zebras are amazing. There is so much love in this little nursery! And I adore the closet separators…so cute!

  5. Wow, that’s incredible! And I love that you chose African theme because it has a personal meaning, makes it so much more special! And oh my goodness, I just love how you put so much thought into this, all the little details! Everything goes together so perfectly and flawlessly! Little Lilly is going to love it and be so grateful when she’s old enough to appreciate it. 😀 You are such a great mommy!

  6. Love it girl! Even though we found out we are having a boy, I’m keeping our room very gender neutral so that we can use it in the future for our next baby or transform it into a guest room. I love all the bright colors and that you chose something so special to both of you. Beautiful!

  7. OMG Molly, the room looks amazing. Great job. I love how you have all the Harry Potter books on the bookshelf. That’s awesome 🙂 Gorgeous room, WEll done 🙂

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  8. MOLLY!!!!! Oh my heavens!!! This is a baby room dream come true!! You guys have blown my mind!! It is not even remotely the same room! I love every nook & crannie!! The colors, the details, the fabrics….it is one in a MILLION!!! I just can’t get over it. I just want to come over and sit in that rocking chair and stare!! 🙂 AND HOLD Lilly!! 🙂

  9. I know you just had a baby, but can you come decorate my rooms (all of them)??? This is the cutest baby room I have ever seen. And the fact that it actually means something is even more amazing. That changing pad cover is so awesome.


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  10. you’ll be loving that tree next summer when it’s bedtime, but still bright outside! i love the mini forest we have behind our house-makes the 6:45/7pm bedtime much smoother in the sunny months!

  11. Oh my gosh! It is fabulous Molly! LOVE IT SO MUCH! Also, this is great because it works for both genders, just goes to show you CAN wait to know the gender on the day they are born haha. Everyone always says, well how do you know how to decorate?! Um, there are plenty of ways to 😉 But seriously the dresser, curtains, pillows, rug, little details are all perfect! You guys did an amazing job!

  12. Ohmigoodness Molly, it turned out amazing! I love all the special touches with photos from Kenya and all the handmade items, it makes the room so special. Love, love, love it!


  13. Oh Molly! It is absolutely beautiful. What a special theme that is close to you and your husband’s hearts. I need to come visit you and that little love bug!!

  14. It turned out so so SO cute, Molly! I have to admit at first when I saw the possible color schemes I wasn’t sure how you’d pull it off but you totally shamed me 😉 Love it!

  15. Everything looks fantastic! I especially love the zebra striped changing station. I also love all of the personal photography and the handmade cheveron quilt! 🙂

  16. I lovvvvvvve it!! You did such a great job!! I love all the colors and those floors look so good! I also would love a post all about your experience with cloth diapering 🙂

  17. Ah! Molly!! It’s aaaaaweeeesome!!!!! Seriously, I don’t know how you waited like this to do the big reveal, because it’s so stinkin cute!! Things I’m freaking out over: the zebra changing table pad, the elephant hook, the ombre dresser (again, since you’ve already shown it to us), and all the things. You did such a great job!!

  18. So fun! I love the colors! And I can tell you put a ton of love into everything. Lilly is going to realize that someday 😉 it is such a blessing to be able to prepare a beautiful room for your little one. Enjoy your snuggles with her!

  19. this is so sweet. i like how she’ll be able to keep it as she gets a little older too and it won’t be too babyish.
    if you don’t mind me asking, you mentioned it used to be john’s bedroom at one point? was it weird living together but not sharing a room? because my boyfriend and i have talked about it but i’m not sure how i would handle it.

  20. I LOVE it! It looks fan-freaking-tastic!!!! I love how it’s not a “traditional” pink or blue.. the greens look so so good. OMG, I am seriously in love. Pinning!

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  22. Job well done! You will not find another nursery like it anywhere and that makes the room so very special. I am in love with the chandelier you created with fabric and the colors of the room. BTW you took great before and after pictures. Enjoy.

  23. I love love your nursery! That solid green wall is awesome, I love the touches you included. Thanks for letting me know where the crib was from because I was gonna ask you if you didn’t include that info. It is exactly the type of crib I want!

  24. I have been waiting for the big reveal!!! The room turned out great. I love all the bold colors. And the rug is fantastic. I was wondering, are any of the blankets your mom made pictured in the room? I saw that the one on the crib was made by a friend, but was the one on the ottoman made by your mom?

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