Lean Cuisine Honestly Good Frozen Meal Review


  1. I was so happy when I saw your post on insta and was really looking forward to this review! I had seen the commercials for these meals but I am so skeptical about frozen means because they rarely taste or look as good as they do on the box! After reading this I am definitely willing to give it a try, the salmon sounds delish! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey there Molly! So glad that you and your hubby are trying things together! It CAN be hard to make good food choices when you’re a new mom and still breastfeeding. I hear ya sista! We won’t be trying Lean Cuisine because of Monsanto. I won’t get much into the story behind that, but highly recommend you watch Food Inc. We became vegetarians a few years ago because my husbands blood work was inexcusable and we just stopped eating all read meat, white meat, and reserve seafood for 1 – 2 times a month. His numbers are better than when he was in his 20’s. We tried to go vegan, but I love EGGS and CHEESE! I agree that it is difficult and even though my daughter is a teen now, it is still hard sometimes to make meals and keep them interesting. Planning has helped and I know a friend of mine is using eMeals.com and she said it has been great plus they are cutting their food bill also. Good luck with your goal of eating healthier and losing weight! And thanks for the review!

  3. Pinterest has been my best source of information for quick healthy meals and recipes. And my crock pot has been my greatest investment allowing me start dinner in the morning and its ready by the time hubby walks in. And starting breakfast before i go to bed, being ready the moment we wake up.

  4. Just be careful… since they are not organic, the vegetables are gmo and full of Monsanto pesticides. Here’s a great investigation on those lean cuisines by a blogger that i follow.

    The easiest thing I did was make meals in advance and freeze them. I also made jars of ready made salads for the week. Smoothies, Yogurt/fruit/granola parfaits, and over night oatmeal in the crock pot were always my go to breakfasts. The moment I could get the baby into someone else’s arms I would spend time preparing meals and organizing to make my days at home easier.

  5. Those sound so good! I’ll admit that I regularly eat Lean Cuisines, but I certainly would feel much better about myself eating one of those. I’ll have to look for them the next time I’m in the grocery store.

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