Friday Fives and Favorites

October 11, 2013·


Happy Friday! Hope you had a great week. If the weather is right this weekend, we’re finally going to hit up a pumpkin patch! I still haven’t found a place nearby to pick apples – would probably have to go to the mountains for that. But anyway, here are my favorite moments and favorite things of the week!

1. It was finally a nice evening the other night, so I put Lilly in the carrier and we went on a long walk. It felt SO good to get in my first real long walk in almost two months. It’s also National Babywearing Week, so there’s that.

2. Sometimes in the morning I’ll get Lilly from her crib and I’ll bring her in to our room for a little morning snuggles. Well, Tater decided she wanted in, too. I can’t handle how much my heart was exploding. So much adorable. So much love. So much snuggle.

3. Chipotle date with mah girl. Because, why not?

4. New FAVORITE show? The Blacklist. Holy. Moly. Seriously. I’m just mad I can’t binge watch it. It’s so stinkin’ good. Anyone else watching it? James Spader is AWESOME.

5. Lilly has been fighting a cold all week and I normally put her in her crib for her afternoon nap. But, the other day, I just couldn’t… I know these days of her being this small and cuddling on mommy’s chest are numbered. So, for now, I treasure them. <3

What are YOU high-fiving this week?