Fall Fashion - Chambray shirt, pink quatrefoil skirt, riding boots


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  2. Looking so good, Molly!!! I love that skirt. I bought my very first chambray top last weekend, but it’s a pintuck tunic, so it’s not even really a basic. Whoops! Sorry I’m so late on the cohosting link-up, girl! The kids were both so sick last week and today, well, women trubs.

  3. I love quatrefoils too! (Yay Phi Mu! 😉 )

    I splurged big time on a leather jacket. I love it so much, and am making myself feel better by not shopping for a while and donating any clothes I didn’t wear over the summer. Love that skirt!

  4. you look great molly!!! and it is crazy to me how sizes vary so much – even in the same store! I have pants from old navy that vary by three sizes. that skirt is so cute!

  5. That’s an awesome deal, Molly! I’m going through a “No Buy” right now, as I save up for a purse from Madewell. It’s a toss up between the Kensington Satchel and the Camden Tote. But, lately, I’ve loved wearing classic pieces and neutrals.

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