Lilly – Three Month Update & Funday Monday Link-Up!

November 18, 2013·

Lilly - Three Month Update (1)

I know I’m going to say this every month, but I can’t believe ANOTHER month has gone by and I can’t believe that I’m writing Lilly’s THREE (3!!!) month update. How is she three months old already?!

This has definitely been the busiest month for us so far. We did A LOT of traveling!

Lilly got to meet her great great aunt Amy!

Lilly - Three Month Update (9)

And then we got a FIVE GENERATION picture with Lilly’s great grandmother and great GREAT grandmother! How awesome is this?!Lilly - Three Month Update (10)

Love this exchange between my husband and Lilly. So sweet.Lilly - Three Month Update (11) Lilly - Three Month Update (12)

Lilly and I drove up to Richmond for the day for my friend Janeberry’s baby shower:Lilly - Three Month Update (15) Lilly - Three Month Update (14)

And Lilly, John and I drove up to Newport News for my alma mater’s homecoming. My big sister from my sorority, Ashley, and I with our babies:

Lilly - Three Month Update (16)

Lilly enjoyed her first Halloween – my husband was dressed up as Forrest Gump… I was dressed up as… a mom:

Lilly - Three Month Update (13)

This little girl’s personality is just blossoming each and every day! I love watching her change and grow. Lilly - Three Month Update (17)

It’s weird because I both can and cannot wait to watch this little girl grow. I want time to slow down while simultaneously I look forward to seeing her become a little woman!

Lilly - Three Month Update (2)


Here’s Lilly’s 3 Month Update!

Weight: This is a total guesstimate, but probably around 12.5lbs. Maybe close to 13… she doesn’t go back to the doctor until December for her 4 month check up.

Nicknames: Beebeebeeoo. Lilliputian. Putian. Monkey boo.

Sleep: She is definitely all over the place with this. We’ve had two REALLY awesome nights of an 11 hour stretch and then this weekend she slept 12 hours on Saturday night!!! But, it’s definitely sporadic. We aren’t consistent with the long sleeps yet. She will often have really bad nights where she’s up ever 90 minutes or so. Those are fun.


She’s still taking one “formal” nap in the afternoon in her crib and I can usually get her to nap for at least 2.5-3 hours. I really rely on those naps so I can get work done during that time. She mainly cat naps 15-20 minutes here or there in the mornings.Lilly - Three Month Update (3)

Eating: She’s gaining more and more rolls every single day… and that’s definitely because home girl does NOT miss a meal. She’s been having some fussiness with nursing during the day sometimes, so I’ll have to pump and give her a bottle during those times. But, she does great in the morning and at night.

Diapers: She’s definitely grown out of all of her newborn cloth diapers and she’s going out a notch on all of her larger one-size cloth diapers. She’s at least to the point where I’m no longer changing 12-15 diapers a day. She’s now down to about 8-10 diapers a day, on average.Lilly - Three Month Update (4)

Clothing: She’s definitely no longer in newborn clothing and her 0-3 month and 3 month clothing is starting to get tight on her, but it’s all still fitting for now. We’re moving to a lot of her 3-6 month clothing now at this point. I’ve been starting to stock up on larger clothes as I come across great deals in consignment stores or eBay! eBay is an AWESOME place to get cute kid’s clothes for cheap.

Mood: She is SUCH a happy baby! Her personality is so big and so vibrant already… I think John and I are going to get a run for our money when she really grows up. 🙂

Lilly - Three Month Update (5) Loves:

  • When mommy sings her songs, but she loves it when daddy sings to her more. I don’t have quite the bass range that he does.
  • Being swaddled. I still can’t put her to sleep without her being swaddled… I don’t foresee that being something we stop anytime soon.
  • Her mam pacis. Best pacis ever!
  • Her elephant lovey. She snuggles with it and it’s so cute!
  • Bathtime! She loves to kick and play and splash.
  • When I change her diaper, I always play with her, sing to her, and kick her legs in the air. She LOVES it and giggles so much!

Doesn’t Love:

  • Still hates being held “like a baby.”
  • Loud noises – she flinches and makes these weird faces.

Lilly - Three Month Update (6) What I Want to Remember:

  • Her first laugh! It happened October 29th… we were at my bible study and I had her on the ground and I started tickling her and she just let out the biggest giggle. It was the greatest thing ever! Seeing her and hearing her laugh makes my day.
  • The little way she stretches when she wakes up from naps or from sleeping.
  • The way she smiles at me when I go into her room to get her from her crib when she wakes up.
  • She is a great traveler! We went to Virginia three times in the past month AND we went to Pea Ridge, NC – all car rides that were at least 2.5+ hours long and she did GREAT!
  • She met her great grandmother AND her great GREAT grandmother in the past month. So amazing!
  • We also started putting Lilly in the nursery at church and she’s been doing really well.
  • She’s holding her head up really well and getting stronger every day. She still can’t quite roll from her back to her tummy, but I know she wants to. She’s been rolling from tummy to back for a long time and still does really well with that.
  • She’s just started to notice the dogs and I don’t think she quite knows what to do with them. LOL!
  • We took her to her first football game at UNC last month. She did GREAT!!

Mommy: I feel like I’m getting the hang of things more and more as each day goes by. It’s still a challenge balancing it all – working / wife-ing / mommy-ing (in no particular order), but we are making it work and I feel like I’m accomplishing a lot! I feel so blessed to be able to work from home and support our family, but also be home with Lilly.

I’m also trying to get more exercise in and I feel like I’m gradually, slowly but surely, dropping the weight. It’s not easy, but I’m trying!

Daddy: John is still such an amazing dad. He loves her so much and watching the two of them together makes my heart explode. He gets his first night alone with Lilly tonight (Monday) as mommy is headed to Greensboro to see Hillsong United! 🙂

What I’m Looking Forward To: Thanksgiving!! My dad and Bonnie are coming up and the family is coming to our house for Thanksgiving dinner. My dad and Bonnie haven’t seen Lilly since she was 5 days old, so I’m SO excited for them to get to see her and for us to spend time together as a family!

Look at the growth of this little girl:Lilly - Three Month Update (7) Lilly - Three Month Update (8)

Love you, Lilly bug!

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