1. I don’t know how or why I missed your recent posts but I’m so happy to be back reading. I’m all caught up and I must say Lilly is so adorable! She is growing so fast! loved this post and seeing all your family. Glad to see you’re doing well. XO!


  2. Lilly is so adorable, every photo is perfect. How lovely to have all those family photographs to treasure. I have just been lucky enough to find your blog. Looking forward to reading lots more posts and linking up. 🙂

  3. Lilly is Beautiful and has such a precious smile. Baby girls are the cutest and my gosh kids grow up too fast. My Vivian will be 10 months old tomorrow. Come check her out. I love all of Lillie’s headbands, especially the rosette ones. =)

    My pleasure linking up on this Monday.

  4. She is so flipping cute! I have a 3 month-old too, and I just keep forgetting to take more photos of him. I need to get on that stat! Enjoy your baby beauty.

  5. AH this baby is SO ADORABLE. Such a cute little baby grin! You look so beautiful too, Molly! Your happiness comes through in all of these photos. Happy 3 months!

  6. Too adorable!!! It’s amazing how fast they grow … I’m auntie to an adorable set of 4 month old twins and a 2 year old. Godmother to an 8 year old girl and 5 year old boy and all I can say is WOW!!!! they grow up so fast!!!
    I’m following and joining your party for the first time – Thank you for hosting… C. (HHL)

  7. Lilly is so precious and it’s amazing to see her growing!!! I’ m totally with you, sometimes I want the clock to stop so I can enjoy my little baby and remember every second of being a new mom;)
    Have a beautiful week!

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