Lilly – Four Month Update!

December 18, 2013·

Lilly - Four Month Update (2)Lilly girl is FOUR (4!!) months old! 1/3 of a whole year old. I mean. WHOA. F’real? I’m the mother of a FOUR MONTH OLD?!

I know, I know. I’m WAY overreacting. But still. Time is just flying. I also realize that I say this every month.

We have had such a great month. She’s been changing SO much and her personality is really showing through! Every moment with this little, precious girl is amazing. Being her mom is the greatest responsibility God has ever entrusted me with.

I never, in a million years, thought I’d be that lady that LOVED being a mom. But boy, oh boy. I LOVE being a mom. I love it. I love it. I love it.

Anywho. Lilly - Four Month Update (1) Here’s Lilly’s 4 Month Update!

Weight: 15 pounds 5.5 ounces

Length: 25.5″ long

Head Circumference: 42.5 cm

Nicknames: Monkey moo. Monkey doo. Beebeebeeoo. Baby boo. Lilly boo. Piggy pig. Putian. Lilliputian. Patches O’Droolihan.

Sleep: Sleep over the last month has been pretty rough. She was averaging a 6-7 hour stretch of sleep followed by a 3-4 hour stretch, but the last month has been tough. We had a couple weeks there where she was waking up every hour or every 90 minutes. I was a zombie.

She is so strong that she wriggles out of her swaddle and punches herself in the face… I recently got a Woombie and it’s been AWESOME! Her sleep still isn’t perfect or great, but it’s been SO MUCH better than it was before. Hooray!Lilly - Four Month Update (12) Eating: She’s now on a MUCH more regular eating schedule. Eating about every 3-4 hours. I do still nurse her on demand, but she’s demanding a lot less now (she’s just much more regular in her eating). I think she’s just getting more efficient and getting much more out of her nursing sessions.

I’m really quite proud that she’s grown so much and so well on breastmilk alone! 🙂

We are planning on delaying the introduction of solid foods for at least another two months. My goal is to get to 6 or 7 months on just breastmilk. Lilly - Four Month Update (3) Diapers: She is totally in one-size cloth diapers now. She is wearing primarily the one-size BumGenius Freetime (all in one) diapers and they are my favorite!

Clothing: She is quickly growing out of her 3 month clothes and beginning to grow out of her 3-6 month clothes. She has a few outfits that are size 6 months that fit her, but most of her 6 month stuff is still too big. She’s kind of in that middle stage in sizing right now. Lilly - Four Month Update (4) Mood: I know I’m biased, but I really think I have the happiest baby on the planet. She is SO smiley and SO happy all the time. She laughs SO MUCH! And her laugh is the greatest sound my ears have ever heard.

Sure, she has her fussy periods and crying spells like any other baby, but she really is happy SO MUCH. She smiles at everyone she meets. It kinda makes my heart explode.

Lilly - Four Month Update (5) Loves:

  • Her activity mat – she’s getting REALLY good at grasping and grabbing the toys on it
  • The Woombie – now that she can’t bust out of it, she’s doing really well and snuggles so well
  • Her elephant lovie thing.
  • Daddy (are you surprised? I’m not.)
  • Mommy (yay!!)
  • Her grandparents
  • Going for walks
  • Her MAM pacis
  • Her hands!
  • Getting her feet tickled
  • Drooling! Home girl is a drool machine.
  • Our dogs – she just watches them and stares at them! It’s so funny.
  • Talking – she is just such a chit-chatter…

Lilly - Four Month Update (8) Lilly - Four Month Update (9) Doesn’t Love:

  • Being cold. Hates being cold.
  • Sleeping unswaddled.
  • Loud, sudden noises.
  • Socks and shoes – kicks them right off!

What I Want to Remember / Milestones:

  • We got in our first (and hopefully last) car accident together – praise God we were both okay and there was minimal damage
  • Her laugh – it really is the greatest sound ever
  • Her first Thanksgiving – she loved spending time with family!
  • Going to pick out our first Christmas tree and decorating it as a family
  • Tried out her exersaucer for the first time
  • Visited Santa for the first time and LOVED him… she smiled the whole time
  • We had our first non-family-member babysitter and Lilly was so great for her!
  • The way she looks at me when we snuggle / cuddle in the morning – I never want to forget it
  • Memorized pi up to 20 decimal points

Lilly - Four Month Update (7) Lilly - Four Month Update (10)

What I’m Looking Forward To: I am so excited about Lilly’s first Christmas! I know every parent probably says that, but I really am. I can’t wait. We are going to my in-laws this weekend and then my dad comes on Monday! My dad hasn’t seen Lilly since she was born – so I’m SO SO SO excited to see him play with her!

Lilly - Four Month Update (11) Lilly - Four Month Update (13)

Look at this girl grow:

We love you, Lilly boo!