1. LOVE me some Carried Away and Paris Amour! I don’t user the lotion or body wash much, but I am all about the bubble bath.

  2. Only you could make a shopping trip sound interesting. It was also nice to hear your voice again.

    We can’t even afford to shop there at those prIces usually, but the last time they did a good sale like that, Kristi picked up a lot of their cherry blossom scent, and she got me a couple body washes as well, I can’t remember the names, mostly because I’m not the one shopping for them. I’ve taken to just letting her pick whatever she wants me to smell like, because beyond clean, I am not particular, and since she favors the musky scents marketed towards men on me anyway, this works out quite nicely. If John hasn’t outsourced his scent shopping to you, he should.

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