BEAUTY | Hare Magic Moroccan Lipstick Review & Demo

January 16, 2014·

BEAUTY | Hare Magic Moroccan Lipstick Review & Demo

It is no secret that I love me some lip products. I LOVE a fun lip gloss or lip stick. And I LOVE playing around with fun colors and different shades. Well, I came across this stuff [Hare Magic Moroccan Lipstick] on the interwebs and I was skeptical. I mean, it looked cool, but was it actually something that worked and / or was worth a lick?

I decided to try it out for myself. I ordered mine off of eBay (that’s the only place that I’ve seen it at the price I got it) and I got it for around $10 with shipping.

I decided to do a little video and live demo for y’all… you know, just to give you the hands-on, immediate effect. Or something. Click here if you can’t see the video below.

The packaging looks pretty cool, but admittedly feels kinda cheap in person. Oh well. Not the end of the world. I was so curious as to how this bright green thing was going to turn my lips a shade of pink. BEAUTY | Hare Magic Moroccan Lipstick Review & Demo

Here is a before (left) and after (right). The color actually turned even a little pinkier after I took the photo on the right. BEAUTY | Hare Magic Moroccan Lipstick Review & Demo

Basically, the lipstick works with your body’s natural chemistry – so no two shades are going to be the same… or something. Each person is going to have a different color because each person’s body chemistry is different. ‘Naw mean?

It also has some kind of something-or-other in it (I’ve read Henna) and so it is semi-permanent. Yes, this stuff stays on ALL DAY LONG. And it doesn’t kiss off!

I will also note that I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin on my lips (READ: I AM ALLERGIC to ALL THE THINGS) and the Hare Magic Moroccan Lipstick hasn’t bothered my lips at all. Overall I think it’s pretty rad! Yeah, I said rad.BEAUTY | Hare Magic Moroccan Lipstick Review & Demo

It’s a great lipstick to just throw in your bag and go or throw on before you leave the house and help you feel just a little bit more peppy.

What about you? Have you heard of this stuff? Will you try it out?

*no, this is NOT a sponsored post, Hare Magic Moroccan Lipstick people gots no idea who I am.