1. After three weeks and three boxes of disposable diapers I really want to get my son started in his cloth dipes but my Bum Genius AO1s just look so huge for him…all over bit especially the width of the diaper where it would fit between his legs. I think i may order a couple of newborn dipes to try so I immediately came back to this post for your reviews. Did you find that the newborn dipes were sized more appropriately between the legs? Also, they look so bulky (even the newborn ones)…did it seem uncomfortable to Lily at all? When I see how “low profile” the disposables are in comparison it makes me wonder!

    1. how big is your little guy? the BG AIOs fit lilly from birth… but she was 8lbs 12oz at birth. the newborn AIOs are also awesome from BG. I loved them. ANY cloth diaper is going to be bulkier than a disposable, it really just depends on how much bulk you’re comfortable with. bulkiness isn’t uncomfortable for baby at all… i, personally, don’t mind the bulky diapes… but that’s just me 🙂

  2. This is awesome, Molly! We started cloth diapering when our first son (Liam) was around 1 year old, so I really got to figure all that newborn cloth diapering stuff with Ethan and Izzie. With Ethan, we used trifolds, snappis, and Thirsties covers because that’s all we could afford. But, with Izzie I tried a bunch and pockets ended up being our faves. I bought all of our pockets used and stuffed them with the trifolds that we have from when the boys’ were in diapers (at the same time. ugh).

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