1. What an excellent post!! Happy 2 years, and I think all of your ideas for continuing to maintain your strong relationship are awesome! (And I wore a denim jacket with my wedding dress too, so of course I had to comment on that photo!)

  2. This reminded me that seeing your wedding pictures somewhere was what first drew me to your blog and your story. You were a stunning bride! Beautiful post, Molly.

  3. Sweet friend…these pictures are gorgeous. I just love seeing them (insta-smile stuff!) And this advice is so true. I actually think that having Cooper has improved our marriage. I have been thinking about doing a post on it, but I feel as though we are even more connected and in love. We are blessed in that Coop is an “easy” baby 🙂 That said, from the minute we found out that God blessed us with a healthy pregnancy, we decided that we were going to always put our marriage and love FIRST. We want our child(ren) to see how much Mom and Dad love + honor + respect each other…as that is the greatest gift we can give. 🙂
    Big hug to you pretty momma!
    xo – Marion

  4. Happy anniversary! I don’t think I could ever get sick of looking at your wedding photos! You’re so beautiful! And this is great! I will have to file it away for when that time comes for me!

  5. I just wrote a post about how much a baby changes your marriage! these are so good! We need to work on going on dates – it is hard but I know as she gets older, isn’t breastfeed and is sleeping better hopefully that part will get easier! happy anniversary!

  6. “my love for John has only grown exponentially. I knew I loved him before (obviously), but now, when I watch him hold our daughter, play with her, talk to her, give her a bath… my heart just explodes. It’s almost physically painful.” —I feel like I know these lines with my husband. Our baby is just two weeks old and watching my hubs with our little guy makes my heart melt every single time. Thanks for such a beautiful, inspiring post Molly.

  7. This is all so true. Having a baby changes everything in marriage. And I agree completely that hubby and wife must be each other’s #1 priority. Baby will benefit from seeing how a strong marriage works in the long run.

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