Tips For Saving Money While Traveling & Why You Should Use a Travel Agent


  1. These are great tips! I didn’t know until reading this that travel agents are free! I mean, I understand them charging on parts of the trip that aren’t commisionable, but on the parts that are, that is great! She offered some wonderful ideas. Thanks for the valuable information!


  2. I had NO IDEA travel agents were free. I always thought there were fees that had to be paid. I can relate to searching and searching for a great deal…. it is time consuming and my time is the most valuable piece of all!

  3. My husband and I used a travel agent for our honeymoon and it was so much easier! We were getting really flustered, overwhelmed, and frustrated looking through all the travel sites. We told our travel agent what we were looking for and out budget and found us a few options and we got to pick. It was so much easier and much less hassle. Plus we had an awesome time!

    1. That’s awesome Rachel! Yes, we, as travel agents, can really help narrow down the incredibly huge amount of stuff out there. So glad you took advantage of one and had a wonderful trip!

  4. I just read every word! GREAT guest post Kristin. 🙂 And thanks Molly, for hosting. I guess I never realized the importance of linking up with a travel agent. My husband and I are trying to plan a trip to Charleston this May and I’m looking for good deals (it looks SO gorgeous there). I guess I’ll have to look up a travel agent!


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