The still being [molly] Redesign & $75 Gift Card Giveaway!

March 14, 2014·

If you’re here, you probably can tell there’s a LITTLE something different… My redesign has finally launched! WAHOO! (Cue ALL OF THE exclamation points!)

I am SO SO SO excited about it! It’s so clean and crisp and fresh and it just makes my heart happy. I wanted something that was simple and really allowed the content and pictures on my site to stand out – and I feel like this new design really captures that. I had been wanting to do a big site overhaul for a long time, but just couldn’t get my butt in gear to do it. But, after the start of the new year, I knew I needed to just buckle down and do it.

Now, as with any redesign and new stuff, there will be some kinks… we are working those out as we speak and there are even a few more updates to the overall design and stuff coming soon… but for now, she’s lookin’ good. 🙂

I’ve got big things in store for this year and I’ve got big ideas planned – and I wanted a site that just felt professional but felt still very ME. Still very Molly… get it?

Lilly Pulitzer Lulu Elsa top, blush jeans, ankle boots, pink clutch | Fashion & StyleUp until this point I’ve been doing EVERYTHING myself on this site. The graphic design, the hosting, the server stuff, the maintenance, the coding, the EVERYTHING. But I am no professional and I only know so much, so I kept hitting walls where I’d want to grow and I’d get frustrated trying to teach myself something and I’d end up just giving up.

So, this time I realized that in order to grow, you sometimes need to lean on those who know MORE than you do and reach out for help.

So there are a couple people that I seriously need to thank BIG TIME for the help with this:

For my FABULOUS new logo (that has a QUATREFOIL in it!!!!!!!), plus my social icons and all the feel of the branding of this site, I have to thank my dear friend and amazing sorority sister, Johnna Hetrick. Johnna is an AMAZING artist and graphic designer and she really helped my ideas come to life. If you are looking for ANY kind of branding help, blog redesigns, event planning, logo design, etc. Johnna is your girl. Johnna, thank you for being so amazing and thank you for your help!

And for ALL of the technical help, coding, CSSing, back-end help, design help, installation – basically ALL the technical stuff that I just don’t understand myself, I have my awesome friend Garrett to thank! Garrett, you are the MAN!! Thank you SO MUCH for your help and for putting up with my incessant questions!

And of course I have to thank my husband, John, for sitting there at the kitchen table with me allowing me to shoot designs off of him and for listening to me when all I wanted to talk about were my ideas. John, I love you. Like whoa.

I also want to thank all of you guys who read this blog day in and day out. Seriously. I love writing this blog and I would do it even if no one read it, honestly. BUT, the fact that you guys read it, and comment on it, etc. makes what I do that much more awesome and fun for me. So thank you. Seriously. I know this may sound like overly sappy or whatever, but I really, really do mean it. I love you guys.

So, as a THANK YOU to all of you who read this blog, I’m giving away a $75 e-gift card to a place of YOUR CHOICE (you know, as long as I can buy an e-gift card and send it to you). This is just a thank you from me to you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
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