1. What were some of the reasons why you moved? I know that may be personal but I know we moved from our duplex to a home because of two kids and not but 2 bedrooms to a house of 3 bedrooms but had twins since then so yeah we have had to make room .., but adding two bedrooms hopefully next year in the basement. Good luck selling your house and that God provides an easy move.

  2. Change is good, and everything will work out. Congrats on the new house, I’m sure your house will sell fast!

  3. That’s exactly how it should go when you find the right house. We had the same experience when we found this house – though in our case it was after walking through a couple dozen other houses, and getting another offer rejected – but we knew this house was the right one after a single walkthrough, and I fought for it, to the point of counteroffering a rejection without even consulting Kristi because I knew it was the house for us.

    I do hope your old house sells quickly though. I lose enough sleep keeping one mortgage paid! I can’t imagine trying to pay two at once. Hopefully it sells as easily as you bought the new one.

  4. ♥ Change is always good. (Romans 8:28) No matter how challenging at times there’s always something Good to get out of it. If you ever need help staging, Call Me! I have fabrics, I’m passionate and have fresh ideas. I’d do it for before and after pics! I need to build my port. ♥

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