Life Changes On The Horizon

March 21, 2014·

So I briefly posted about this on Instagram earlier this week… but John and I finally put our house on the market! We’ve been furiously working to clean and declutter and organize and patch holes and paint walls and fix things up to get our little Cape Cod home ready for sale.

We’ve already had one “preview” this week by another agent and we are just prayerful that our house sells quickly and for the asking price!

If I’m being honest, I have a lot of mixed emotions right now. I’m so excited because we did, in fact, find another house already! We actually close on that house on April 11th. AHHHH. So yeah, we are buying another house before ours has sold. Are we crazy? Probably. But we did not make the decision lightly and we entered into it having given it some serious thought and a lot of prayer and a lot of number crunching.

It was one of those deals where we looked at the house (it was actually the FIRST house we physically walked into), and John and I looked at each other and both knew that was it. We fell in LOVE with it. We couldn’t find ANYTHING wrong with it and ANYTHING we didn’t like. And we KNEW that it would NOT stay on the market long and we were so afraid of losing it. So, we put an offer in and the offer was accepted!

Everything just fell into place. We kept praying for God to, quite literally, shut the door on that house if it wasn’t meant to be… but that just wasn’t the case. The whole process was actually quite easy.

Yeah, I am SO excited about our new house (WALK IN CLOSETS, FTW!!) and I am SO excited about the big, exciting, POSITIVE changes that are coming on the horizon… but I can’t deny the fact that change is never easy. With change (even positive change) comes stress, anxiety, worry, fear, and all of the above. But having a strong faith and firm foundation in who we are and who we are in Jesus really does help to comfort us and know that He is in control of it all and that it WILL be okay.

I’m sad to be leaving Lilly’s beautiful nursery, but excited at the prospect of getting to do a new one for her! I’m sad to be leaving the first home John and I lived in together as a married couple, but I’m excited to build a new one together as a growing family.

So, here’s to keeping focused and keeping our eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel… a tunnel filled with packing, packing, cleaning, cleaning, more packing, and more cleaning.

So, that’s what’s up in my world. What’s up in YOUR world lately?