Stitch Fix Review - My First Fix (What I Got & What I'm Keeping) (1)


  1. I randomly stumbled upon your blog after looking up stitchfix reviews, and I just wanted to say that EVERYTHING in your box looked perfect and beautiful on you! You are seriously a doll!

  2. I think everything looked beautiful on you! Too bad you didn’t like the strapless dress. It was really adorable on you-even without the jacket. I’ve already scheduled my first fix, due in about a month. Can’t wait to open my box!

  3. Wish I would have seen this post before signing up for my Fix. I was referred by a friend who gave it rave reviews so thought I would give it a try. Nothing in my box was complimentary or me at all. After looking at your Fix. I think you got more interesting items that I did but still it was just ok. I love the concept of someone styling me but don’t know how realistic that is based on a few online checkboxes. 🙁 I probably won’t try it again.

  4. I liked everything on you. My favorite was the orange sweater with the necklace but i would have a hard time with the price too.

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  6. It looks like you got a really good box! I love pretty much everything! I tried StitchFix once and absolutely HATED my box. Like, everything about it. So I’m kind of afraid to try it again. But after seeing yours, I might.

  7. I loved the Baldwin dolman sleeve blouse with your flower necklace but your also right about the price . It was definitely a tough call..

  8. I’m really glad you did a review on this. I’ve heard of it and even completed the profile but was hesitant to take the plunge because I had no idea what the prices might be. While it does seem like a lot of fun I probably won’t do it because those prices are just way too high for me. I can’t justify paying that much for any of those pieces. Maybe in the future when my financial situation is different I’ll try it but as of now it’s a big no.

  9. I love how detailed you were in your explanations. I kinda breezed through mine in my posts. I’ve had two Fixes and both were OK. I kept one item from each. I took a few months off and ordered a Fix for birthday delivery next week. Kinda can’t wait but also a bit worried they’ll be way off again. We’ll see!
    Back to you. 🙂 Your pic in the strapless was the thumbnail for your post in my reader and my first thought was, “Dang, Molly can rock a strapless dress!” I don’t like them either. Who wants to fuss or worry about a wardrobe malfunction? But honestly, it looks great on you.
    That embroidered tank? Stunning on you!
    You motivated me to actually try on every piece in my Fix. I did judge a few of my items (burgundy SUPER skinny jeans) and didn’t try them on.
    You are beautiful!
    ( I still can’t comment with Disqus so I comment as a guest. I have this issue on any site with Disqus.)

  10. I wish everything weren’t so out of my price range. :/

    I’m afraid to drop the $20 and not love anything within the range! 🙁
    I guess it doesn’t help that I’m in between sizes right now either! so eventually, hopefully!

  11. that is exactly what I thought about Stitchfix too… I like the idea of it and it is awesome for working moms who don’t have time to shop. However, almost ALL of my items were really expensive and I couldn’t justify spending $50+ on a top when I usually spend $20 or less! I suppose if I was in the market for some really quality staples, I could deal, but I just felt like all of the items didn’t match my budget at all. I’d be willing to try it again at some point when I have a little extra cash to spend! Loved the top you chose to keep 🙂 looks great on you!

  12. OH I LOVED that last one on you, but you’re right for the price you absolutely have to love it. I’m getting my first fix on April 7th! Only two more weeks, can’t wait!

  13. You look great in all of it! I love the orange dolman top but completely agree with the cost and unique item need. I have not tried Stitch Fix and have heard lots about it! Maybe someday. It will be fun to see your future fixes! I really like your blog and am so happy for you and your family on your new home and packing will be doable;)

  14. I’m anxiously awaiting my first fix in the first week of April! Like you I struggle a bit in dressing myself post baby so I figured this couldn’t hurt to give a try! I would have had a hard time giving up that orange top, but I understand at that price point why you did.

  15. So glad you did this post! I’ve been dying to try stitch fix (it’s all over my newsfeed too!) but I’m currently pregnant–so now’s not the best time. So excited to live vicariously!

  16. I love reading about and seeing what people get in their Stitch Fix boxes! I have yet to get one but I’m very intrigued!

  17. I keep seeing everyone else’s Stitch Fix posts and wondering if I should try it. Maybe I’ll treat myself later this year. I think you made awesome choices – can’t imagine wearing that strapless dress while baby-wrangling but the tank looks so great on you!

  18. Yay! Glad you liked your first fix, Molly. I’ve heard that it takes a time or two for the relationship to build between you and the stylist. But I LOVE that top you decided to keep. So cute. 🙂


  19. I love the top you kept! I love the orange one on you too! I have had a few fixes and I loved my last one! I have learned to be very specific with what I love! Susan

  20. Hi! The top you kept is gorgeous & looks so pretty on you. I love it. Yes, I also think the prices are a bit high too. 🙂

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