Navy, burgundy, and Miche interchangeable bag! (1)


  1. Ohhh winter, schminter – who cares what colours we wear when… that’s right, *we* don’t!! I just love the deep red with the blue and white. That is all 😉

    Catherine x

  2. I have heard of the Miche bag before – it it such a great idea! I have one of the skirt purses from 31 Gifts that does kind of a similar thing – I love changing out the skirts to change up my look!

  3. Awesome bag, very nifty ! My recent happening or story was playing Scrabble by kerosene oil lamps 🙂 old school !

  4. I saw someone carrying one of these bags the other day! They are really cute! I love how you styled your Fix top!! Susan

  5. Great new bag Molly. I too linked up a Wintery Outfit today. Check it out. Miss you over my blog so stop by when you can. Kisses to you & Lilly from Vivian & I. <3 Ada.

  6. I haven’t heard of them before – what a great idea!!! And I love your colours. You offset the corduroy with the light shirt. I am not sure what makes something ‘winter’ – it’s just how you feel that matters I suppose. Thanks so much for hosting.

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