A “winter” outfit, Miche purse review, & Funday Monday Link-Up!

March 31, 2014·

Blouse: Stitch Fix | Jacket: Thrifted (similar) | Cords: Old Navy | Shoes: Target (similar) | Necklace: White Plum c/o | Bag: Miche Online c/o

I will have you know that it was NOT warm when these photos were taken and when I wore this outfit. Sure, the calendar says it’s “spring,” but the weatherman sure says it a’int. Then someone said this outfit looked very, “winter.” And I was thinking to myself… 1) it’s cold out, so…… there’s that and 2) what about it is “winter”? Is it just that the jacket is burgundy or maroon? Or is it because I’m wearing corduroys?

Outside of wearing a parka and some gloves or a snowsuit, what makes an outfit “winter”?!

This is a legitimate question that I have.

Navy, burgundy, and Miche interchangeable bag! (2) Navy, burgundy, and Miche interchangeable bag! (3)

Okay, I need to have a SERIOUS moment with you guys about THIS BAG /PURSE that you see pictured before you. It is, by FAR, the coolest concept EVER (and executed swimmingly, I might add). Basically, Miche purses are “interchangeable” bags. What does that mean, exactly? Well, you buy your “base bag” and then the exterior of the bag you can switch out.

I tried to take a photo so you guys can see kinda how it works, but it really doesn’t do the coolness of it justice.

Navy, burgundy, and Miche interchangeable bag! (4)

The sweet people at Miche sent me the “Petite” base bag to try, plus this adorable black and white “Rita” shell. The shell has strong magnets on the inside so it just attaches to the base. SUCH AN AMAZING IDEA. So, if you want to switch up your bag easily, you can just switch up the shell without having to empty your purse or carrying a WHOLE new bag. HOW STINKIN’ AWESOME IS THAT?!?! I am obsessed with it!! I really want to buy ALL THE SHELLS now (my bank account won’t let me… but I kinda want to). 

Plus, the bag is really well made. It doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy. It’s strong and sturdy and surprisingly BIG and holds a lot (considering it’s the “petite” size). I am so impressed with the quality! A lot of times bags like this can often sacrifice the quality for the convenience. Miche definitely doesn’t do that. I am in lurve.Navy, burgundy, and Miche interchangeable bag! (5)Anyway. What about you? Have you heard of Miche or tried their sweet purses before? Is the weather still TERRIBLE where you live? Tell me a story!

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