Stitch Fix Review - My Second Fix (What I Got & What I'm Keeping!) (7)


  1. I just signed up for Stich Fix and was googling for reviews when I came across your blog. This is the most amazing “fix”. Everything is literally so cute and looks AMAZING on you. Fingers crossed my first fix is as amazing as this one!

  2. Ugh, no plus sizes. Guess I’ll stick with Gwynnie Bee for now! I love seeing what you get though!

  3. Can you buy any of those things elsewhere without signing up? I love that clutch and I want one!

    1. that is a great question – I have heard both yes and no as an answer to that question… i have been on the hunt for this clutch because a bunch of people have asked me where to get it… i will keep an eye out and totally let you know!!!

  4. The blouse, clutch and dress are SUPER cute. I’m on my fourth fix and have been non-plussed with what they’ve sent me to date. I also got those Kensie jeans (in my first fix) and agree that the fit is FANTASTIC. Since then all they send me are print blouses and colored skinny denim, which doesn’t feel very customized to me. I’m going to hold out for one more, hopefully its better!

  5. Holy cow, everything you got is amazing! I especially love the dress and jeans!! I have a hard time finding jeans as well, but yours look great on you!! Maybe I’ll need to try out a pair of Kensie jeans myself 🙂 I’m glad that StitchFix is working out for you!

  6. Everything looks so great on you!!! And I totally agree – quality denim is worth the price, and Kensie is definitely quality! That’s the one item of clothing I won’t think twice about spending $100 on if they fit just right.

  7. Love them all! That bag is perfection. I recently got my third Fix and kept one piece. I’ve kept one from each Fix. I’m still waiting for the day when they “get” me. I’ve commented and given feedback and linked to my Pinterest loves and my blog. They still don’t “get” me. Sigh.
    I’m so so so glad you got some goodies!
    You know who I am. Disquis still hates me so I sign in as “guest”.

  8. Totally love this fix, Molly! The tribal print blouse and the clutch?! OMG WANT THEM BOTH. I reviewed my first fix on my blog last month and said I would try again. But man, I think I need to go to the website like now because maybe the second fix will be better!!!

  9. I’m super excited to get my first box now! Everything here looks great- and great on you! Unfortunately mine isn’t due until June..waaahh!

  10. I have that clutch in black! I love it. All of your items look amazing! I see what you mean about the tribal top. It looks short on the sides, and I usually shy away from tops like that. (we’re about the same shape and size) But honestly, the pattern is SO you!!

  11. oh yay for liking everything in your fix! I wish mine had turned out better, when I see this, it makes me want to try again, but don’t want to lose out on $20 like I did last time 🙁

  12. Yay! I’m also obsessed with Stitch Fix! It’s just so fun and opening the box is like Christmas morning! Haha. I love all the items you got, especially the striped dress! It looks so cute on you!

  13. i ooh’d and ahh’d outloud….in my office….over every piece! love living vicariously through these posts and can’t wait to try stitchfix for myself sometime soon!

  14. That clutch is adorable! They still have not sent me any bags, not sure why, I’ve said on my profile I’m cool with them, and I’ve had 4 boxes already! also i LOVE that tribal top, I think it looks fab on you. I’m glad you kept it! -Christine (

  15. Wow, all of these pieces are beautiful and look great on you! And $88 for good jeans is an EXCELLENT deal!

  16. Molly, that dress is just so flattering on you! I haven’t been over to your blog in a while, so side note- your blog design looks so great too! I am really liking the simplicity of it. It kind of matches the dress! xo

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