Black and white striped fit & flare Stitch Fix dress


  1. Oooh, I couldn’t love this more! I am a huuuge fan of this dress, and I’m glad you feel good in it, because you look amazing in it! I have a handful of dresses – usually this silhouette – that make me feel beautiful. They’re my go-to pieces when I’m not feeling particularly beautiful 🙂

  2. I love that dress, it is so chic. I am really loving the way you paired it with the denim jacket and tights, very cute.

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  4. Oh I love that dress too! Look great on you. I have a similar one and it is one of the most worn things in my closet. Thanks for hosting! Hope you had a great weekend!

    xo, Amy Ann

    The Real Arnolds

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  6. Love the stripes and flare of this dress! Looks great on you! Thanks for hosting!


  7. Thank you for convincing me to request this dress in my next Fix! No wonder you love it! It is fabulous! I linked up today with my the latest edition of Love, Yellow. You should try it! You would love it! Susan

  8. Molly your dress is the perfect combination of stripes and silhouette – no wonder you love it, it looks fabulous on you!! I have a thing for yellow dresses – I’ve just bought *another* one and can’t wait for the weather to warm up in the UK so I can wear it…!

    Thanks for hosting hun, have a great week

    Catherine x

  9. I’m a HUGE stripes fan, they can do no wrong! New to your blog, linking up for the first time – can’t wait to find some new inspiration! P x

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