crown & ivy collection from @MyBelk #moderntwist


  1. I was responding to your Belk’s question…..A while back it was known as Belk’s then they changed their name to just Belk. But most of us still refer to it as Belk’s.

    1. I’m almost positive it has always been Belk- no “s”. In my home town, it was “Matthews Belk” until a few years ago. The Matthews family left the franchise and it became just “Belk”. However, people rarely call it that. I’ve seen pictures of the store taken in the 50’s on the Facebook page “I grew up in Gastonia”. There’s no “s” on the sign.

  2. I like the crown & ivy™ Seaside Lattice Printed Dress. The colors would match well with jackets, cardigans, & shoes!

  3. Molly I am so excited to see you featuring Belk(s)! Guilty! I have always shopped there because it was the only department store in the small Georgia town I grew up in. It totally deserves more credit for its selection and incredible sales. I LOVE that blue and white dress. So excited to learn about this new line!!!

  4. How have I never heard of this shop before ? A couple of my favorite items are the JBS Beaded Halter Blouson Dress and the Kim Rodgers Solid Knit Dress. These would make perfect dresses for a spring/summertime beach vacation and to transform them into day and night easily. Thank you for offering such a great giveaway.

  5. Hello! One of my favorite items is their Paradise Found “Star” Print Tee. Cute!! Thank-you!

  6. I like the printed shirt- seriously that’s what it is called on the site. I entered! Fingers crossed! Rachel xo

  7. Where to begin! The peasant top, the lobster t-shirt, all of the dresses. The dresses in your post are so pretty! I live in CA so I’ve never even heard of Belk but I will be checking them out online!

  8. I love the crown & ivy™ Plus Size Paradise Found V-Neck Cuffed Short Sleeve Drawstring Dress. So great for summer! 🙂

  9. Love all of your outfits, especially the first dress! Such pretty blues!


  10. I looooove the first dress! The pattern is so pretty and it fits you so well! That’s probably the dress I would pick too! What a pretty line of clothes.

  11. Ow ow! You are looking beautiful in those outfits, Molly! I love all of the different shades of blue, definitely one of my favorite colors to wear as well. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  12. Love the blue heels you’re wearing in these pics! And the second dress is just my style – I’ll have to go over to Belk and check it out!

    I also love that you’re a normal sized woman so I can get a feeling how the outfits would look on me, versus so many ads with twigs wearing stuff that may look great on a size 4 but not on me as a 14.

    1. that is such a huge compliment for me, Sharon! Thank you!! i am a size 14 (I went up two sizes after having a baby…) and I want women to know they can wear trendy and beautiful clothes at any size!!

  13. You look adorable in all of those!!! I don’t have a Belk here in Cincinnati, will have to go browse online :)!!! Sounds like fun, Thanks Molly :)!

  14. I love the Paradise Found Stripe Hi-Lo Hem Tank! and the

    Cool Waves Printed Knit Halter Top!

  15. Wow Molly! You look SO Fab! Congrats on the collaboration. I have to say the first dress is my favorite on you. It totally says “Molly’s Dress”. Oh I know I thought it was Belk until I came to NC and realized there was a silent “S”. LOL
    xo, Lee

  16. I love this line!! I don’t know that I’ve heard of it until now. The pieces you chose look GREAT on you!!! I mean it, I love it on you. I don’t know that I have a favorite but I would wear the Crown & Ivy Paradise Found Smicked Printed Henley Tank & the Casual Crop Pant a lot as well as so much of this line.

  17. GREAT! Now I REALLY hope I win now that I’ve seen their website! haha. I had never heard of them until this post. 🙂 I REALLY like the cool waves/striped flare dress. I feel like I NEED it. lol

  18. No kidding. I was at a funeral last week sitting beside a woman in a beautiful skirt. Later I asked where she got it. It was this brand at Belk! I haven’t been in Belk in years and her skirt made me want to take a trip. All these looks are stunning on you!

    1. oh my gosh! that’s crazy! i mean, sad you were at a funeral 🙁 🙁 I’m glad to at least give you more motivation to check out the line! haha! I really love it. so, when are we getting Chipotle?

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